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Weblogging: What, Why, How?

Weblogging. Why Now?
This is just a post of mine from September 22, 2002.

A picture named weblog_bookcover.jpgWe Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs
By Paul Bausch, Matthew Haughey and Meg Hourihan

I picked up this book at Borders and have been quite happy with it as I've read through it. A review at Amazon was pretty critical of it saying that weblogging is not a deep enough topic to warrant such a book. As a person organizing my thoughts on the matter however, I have found it to be very helpful. We Blog discusses the history of weblogging and how to begin building your own. It has a chapter about the different types of weblogs that one runs into today. The book introduces the reader to the many weblogging alternatives out there today and acquaints one with the terminology found in weblogging communities. We Blog also gets very technical as it reveals how the systems on the backside of services such as Blogger work, and even strives to teach the reader how to build their own. As I prepare to share some of my limited experiences with weblogging, it was fun and very informative to read the very honest experiences of those that have been at the center of this phenomena.

Why Weblogging?
This is a nice page that Wil Richardson put together at Ed-Logged. Seems to be a compilation of people's opinions on the benefit of weblogging in education.

Living in the Blog-osphere
Here is an article that Newsweek Magazine offered in it's August 26th issue. I have posted this as a PDF file created from a scan. It's kind a cruddy and it's awful large at 9.6MB. Sorry for that :)

Are You Blogging Yet?
There are two basic types of weblogs. Personal blogs are written primarily by a single person, and can range from articulate essays to trivial thought bubbles, while portal-like blogs tend to serve as content aggregators by offering links to personal blogs, news stories, discussion threads, and other electronic content. Among the earliest blogging practitioners are code-in-the-blood techies, such as the Unix and open-source programmers whose days aren't complete without a visit to Many personal blogs are part diary, part opinion page, part eclectic reference guide. [InformationWeek]

Examples of Weblogs
This page has a section near the bottom with links to MSNBC Weblogs.

History of Weblogs
This story, from, contains a thorough history of the idea of weblogging.

Weblogs and the News: Where News, Journalism and Weblogs Intersect

Business Pros Flock to Weblogs
...and finally, what is probably the craziest place of all: For those that use Userland's Radio product to maintain their logs, this site continually lists all postings as they happen. You can breeze over the log titles and quickly peruse the postings. A fun place to see what others are doing.