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N'omi Orr: A Russian proverb few remember

Russian proverb: "A fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others."
To get rid of terrorists, learn from Chile: Just DO it!

Love, N'omi

PS The frustration this writer (below) shows with Israeli "liberals" is frustration with Israelis who think that giving Arab terrorists what they say they want will appease them and make them stop the terror, not with "liberal" views of Americans.

From Israel: [Reporter at site of terrorist attack that killed foreign workers in Israel] Foreign workers get it. Sitting nearby on the sidelines, Felix Margonado, a house painter from Chile, said, "Ever hear of Pinochet? If Pinochet were here, there wouldn't be any Arabs. Inside a year, they'd all be dead." "In Chile there are no terrorists anymore," says an approving Ronny Gonzales, who came here 12 years ago. There was a revolution, they came in, and Pinochet got rid of them. At 3 o'clock in the morning they were taken out of their houses and never heard from again."
Thoughts on Political Ignorance of History

George Santayana said, "Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it." Shimon Peres said (1993; see below), "It is a great mistake to learn from history. There is nothing to learn from history."

VOICE OF JUDEA COMMENTARY: Seeing photos of the Left-wing Jewish demonstrators holding signs such as "Killing Causes Killing", while protesting outside the Defense Ministry on Wednesday against the killing of Saleh Shehadeh, one begins to have serious doubts as to the collective sanity of the Jewish people.

Which "killing" caused the killing of the Holocaust? Was the Final Solution, perhaps, brought on by Jewish attacks on German men, women and children? The slaughter of dozens of innocents that Shehadeh arranged must have been a result of previous Jewish 'atrocities'?

Any psychiatrist would have a field day analyzing the reasons behind such a massive guilt complex as this [sign-toting] lady must have, but the fundamental reason can be only one: severe self-hatred.

Tell me who the Jews killed that "caused" the pogroms of the '20s and '30s. Or earlier, back even during the first and second aliya? YOU WITH THE SIGNS: TELL ME! - that the pogroms in Europe were caused by Jewish aggression! TELL ME! - that the Inquisition was a result of Jewish attacks on innocent Spaniards! TELL ME - that the Pogroms and the Inquisitions in Europe were a reaction to marauding Jew-warriors who for so long terrorized their host peoples in Europe!

Seriously, Jewish (and world!) history shows that the only sure way for national survival when enemies are killing you, is to rise up and kill them first.

The main problem, then, is the ignorance of the [Israeli] Left, particularly in regard to history. They just.... well...they just don't feel that there's much need to know anything about it at all. Their attitude was summed up pretty well once by Peres: "It is a great mistake to learn from history. There is nothing to learn from history." (M'aariv interview, 1993)

These liberals' ignorance is peculiar in its willfulness. They almost wallow in it. Slogans are preferred to facts - they are big with the left because they're easy to remember, seem like they have a lot of meaning, but are devoid of meaning. Take any leftist slogan. What does it mean? Examining it a bit, you will find that it, in fact, means NOTHING, and is just for effect [examples below]. It's like a jab in boxing: something to stun you, throw you off-balance a bit.

Some people like slogans because they sound smart, and in today's T.V-overdosed society, almost no one bothers to remember anything for much longer than 5 seconds, much less think. The politicians know that people today are commercial-trained to take everything at face value and that no-one will look past that but.... regardless, scratch the surface of a liberal slogan and you find: nonsense. Examples abound.

For example, another Peres favorite: "the history of the future". Dear reader, what does this mean?

Liberals apparently do not like to face reality; they want painful things to go away; they do not like to analyze facts; they do not like to examine any situation in-depth; they appear take everything at face value. Worse, they behave as though they are smarter than all other people, including the people who have lived before them. They invent the world in their mind, therefore they don't need anybody to tell them how it'll all end up. They think they can control outcomes by talk. They prefer chat to conversation, television to books, slogans to investigation.

Another disturbing thing about the views which that poster implies is the blind trust some have in terrorist groups. Every time there is a suicide bombing or an attack, Hamas or PFLP or Fatah or whoever issues a statement to the effect that their terror act is "in retaliation" for one or another specific act committed by the Israelis. Liberals believe them!

They have to understand that this, too, is nonsense. The Arabs are not attacking specifically in retaliation for one act or another. They started attacking us in the first place, and ever since. Their violence would continue "as usual" even if Israelis sat on their hands all day--which they have often done, to no avail.

The Arabs view their struggle as a legitimate guerilla war for the "liberation of Palestine" leading toward world conquest.

A guerilla war whose goal is the "liberation of Palestine" necessarily has the goal of "throwing Israel into the sea". It's simple physics: two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time. Neither can two countries.

So "Palestinians" will not stop their war until this is achieved, and it will only BE achieved if we all commit hara-kiri. Thus--barring mass Israeli conversion to Shintoism--there will be no end to the conflict except through total victory of either side. Arabs refuse to compromise: the violence can only end with Israel into the Mediterranean, or "Palestine" back into Jordan.

As their maps show, the Arabs as a people want nothing less than a "Palestine" on ALL of Israel - anything said to the contrary is propaganda, same as the "reasons" issued after terror acts. Their stated goals, internally and in Arabic, have never changed. Differing statements (mostly in English. although lately they've wised up and now throw the West "moderate" Arabic quotes with translation), are 100% P.R., because they realize that winning on the propaganda front is so crucial now .

Clever people, the Arabs. Sly, but clever.

The only comfort a normal-thinking person can take is in the fact that our Liberalist phenomenon, only 40 years old in the modern sense, will not last long historically because it is inherently non self-perpetuating. Their purposeful ignorance dooms them to repeat the mistakes that others have already learned from. So liberalism as a movement was doomed from birth to self-destruct.

But, unfortunately, it's not dead yet and we still have to deal with them and... it's not easy. It is not easy walking in your homeland and having to constantly "watch your back"... because the 'countryman' on your left is trying to stab you in it.

(Peres quotes are from "What Shimon Says" by Gerber & Isaac)

"The past interests me like last year's snow"
- Peres
Vs. "Forgetfulness leads to exile, while Remembrance is the secret of redemption"
- Baal Shem Tov


"I am totally uninterested in the past. If you wouldn't ask me I wouldn't talk about it. The past bores me. Listen, it bores me for two reasons: it never repeats itself and secondly it is unchangeable. So why should I concern myself with it?"
"Only in the injunction to remember felt as a religious imperative to an entire people....the Hebrew word "zakhor" (remember) appears in the Bible no less than 169 times in its various declensions"
- Yerushalmi, Zakhor p.5

"Israeli children should be taught to look to the future, not live in the past. I would rather teach them to imagine than to remember."
Vs. Remember world history; study the generational epochs. Ask your father and he will relate to you, your elders and they will tell you.
(Deuteronomy. 32:7, TORAH)
Of course, we should not "live" in the past, but we should LEARN from the past, by examining what behaviors resulted in peace or destruction for peoples and individuals.

A Russian proverb: A fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

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