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Hamas: All Jews must leave Israel or be killed

From N'omi Orr: Yes, Hamas said that. It's hard for Westerners to believe the unvarnished facts of direct Arab statements and behavior, and easy for us to believe their pleadings and propaganda. Why is that?

Read "The Arab Mind" by Raphael Patai--written long before any intifada, so it's not an apology or attack. It is a VERY sympathetic, yet honest, look at the fact that Arab culture has formed the minds of its people to operate quite differently than those of other peoples--especially those of Western societies.

Here's an example.

Love, N'omi


University Slaughter
by Gary Bauer

Students at Hebrew University in Jerusalem were blown up today as they sat in the cafeteria of the school taking exams. Seven are dead, a dozen are in critical condition and scores more wounded. One of the dead is reported to be an American. PLO spokesmen rushed to U.S. media outlets with weak denunciations of the homicide bombing, but quickly followed with outrageous rhetoric blaming Israel for the violence.

Hamas immediately took "credit" for the blast and issued a chilling statement that should be posted in every congressional office and at the White House. Hamas demanded that all Jews leave Israel and return to their country of origin or face the same fate.

Think carefully about that. Hamas did not demand that Jews leave the West Bank, Gaza or the Golan Heights. They demanded they leave Israel. This has been the goal all along - to either exterminate Jews or drive them out. And then, if not before, these same terrorists will come after America with even greater determination, just as their brothers-in-arms did on September 11th.

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