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Naomi Ragen: Peace Now = Death Now

Dear Friends,

In the 1930's-40's, supporters of Stalin thought he was a liberator, a hero. Then word started leaking out about the murders, the millions he'd had arrested and exiled. Some of his supporters, hearing this, changed their minds. But a hard-core continued to worship Stalin and ignore reality.

Recently, I received the following message from a reader in Florida: "In the local Jewish newspaper called the Jewish Journal Palm Beach North Fl. is an ad by a organisation called Peace Now. They are back after a long time. They want Israel to give up the settlements which they call the occupied terrritories. They also say that the settlers are there for the quality of life issues and not religious or national security. The editor of the paper who is a Rabbi who has made some very anti Israel remarks. Could you check him out and the Peace Now Movement, 1815 H St. NW. Suite 920 Washington D.C. 20006. 202-728-1893. This group tries to brainwash Jews in So. Fl."

This is my answer: Peace Now is a morally-bankrupt movement that is in large part responsible for the disaster of the Oslo Accords and the death of 600 Israelis and the injuries sustained by thousands more. In addition to never taking responsibility for the wrong-headed and harmful ideas it promulgated, which wrongly encouraged Israelis to think of Yasir Arafat as a peace partner, to give him and his thugocracy guns, to view settlers sent to outposts by the Israeli government as interlopers and "obstacles to peace", it continues to promote its sickening agenda, aided by anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic Europeans -- who finance their projects-- and Jews who are either a fifth column or brain-dead.

Never given them a penny. Protest any event they are involved in. Blackball their supporters and their "rabbis" and their spokesmen and their friends.

If you love Israel, take a stand against these delusional leftists, who deserve a jail sentence for what they've done to the land of Israel and the Jewish people. And now that the bravest and most endangered of Israelis are in Judea and Samaria, fighting for their lives, and the lives of all of us in Israel, they are once again beginning their poisonous mission to divide the Jewish people, thus allowing our enemies to achieve their agenda.

This is my opinion. Peace Now should be called "Death Now." That's what they've accomplished and continue to pursue.

All the best,

Naomi Ragen

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