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Sunday, 14 July 2002

Reptile vs RSS Pub/Sub


Reptile seems kind of neat.  I've built a couple of apps around JXTA and always thought I had done it wrong :-)  It will be nice to look at this code and see if I was being too hard on myself.

[Justin Rudd's Radio Weblog]

Definately cute package. First time I looked at JXTA I got a bit frazzed by the jdk1.1 compliant only java used in the library - for being able to compile for MSIE java no doubt. Will have to spend some time studying this in relation to comparing/contrasting with pub/sub via rss feeds.
8:36:29 PM    

O'Reilly book on O'Caml

Developing Applications with Objective CAML.

You can download the book in a variety of formats. [Lambda the Ultimate]

One of my favourite languages. Allows for mixed oo-functional programming, and it's binaries is comparible in speed to c++. Very cute. French programming language research at it's best.
8:34:06 PM    

Knowledge Facetization and WikiWikiWebs

Facets: Christina, Karl and AAT. Christina and Karl had quite a conversation about facets. I hear you, Karl. Not quite as simple as one would think. The process of identifying facets for describing a thing, whether it's art objects or cheese (but please not wine!), is not all that easy and determining meaningful facets really depends on the intended use. What interests me in the discussion of facets is looking at hard to describe objects and seeing what facets large organizations have arrived at to describe them. What interests me in particular is the description of abstract concepts and subject matter. [iaslash - news for information architects]

The question becomes, how do you engineer a UI that allows people to automatically facetize their information store? It seems to me that the UI of WikiWikiWeb's allow for much more intuitive facetization.

I personally think the logs created by Radio as merely one view on the information that Radio collects. It shouldn't be the only way to search it. But we are rapidly heading to the limits of what a baked web site can do. Hrm.
8:24:21 PM    

Identity Protocol

Freeing XNS. Digital ID World has a nice article on the reasons why it took XNS over a year to come out from under wraps. It also has some kind words about Bill Washburn's role in ensuring that XNS was released into the marketplace royalty free. [icann.Blog]

Interesting. XNS as an open identity protocol specification is finally real. And it's available now
8:09:02 PM    

KM feature requirements

Yesterday I found a tool I've been trying to find for ages..

Yesterday I found a tool I've been trying to find for ages. What I wanted is a combination of LogiTest and httpunit - and I think I've found it in maxQ. It acts as a proxy between your browser and a web application, recording the requests and responses. You can then add various tests into the recorded script (it has a few automatic tests) - and play back the script from the command line.

By combining maxQ with CruiseControl and a few different web containers - I think I've found a great way to continually test the JIRA web tier against multiple servers. Wicked.

I'll let you know how I go testing it during the week.


Something that I think that a radio replacement tool should do - watch the user by acting as a web proxy and watching the requests, and figuring out where the requests came from. Sort of a user specific PageRank. But nothing like PageRank.

There is much that a aggregator could learn from watching the user.

I am going to have to do a "Design the Box" exercise sooner or later for the KM tool. What do you guys think are important attributes of a KM tool?
8:06:10 PM    

Doh! Another java spider

JoBo. JoBo is another Java based web spider. I'm not sure how it compares to WebSphinx which is still my personal favourite web crawler. [] [rebelutionary]

Wish I'd found this two weeks ago before I implemented my own version. My one has it's share of problems, including the fact that it is a 1 week hack. :)

JoBo has the destinct advantage over WebSphinx of being able to compile on jdk1.3, as opposed to requiring various libs from yester-year.

[Later...] Just got an email from Kate regarding jdk requirement levels. The version in CVS requires Jdk1.4 due to playing with SSL Stuff, apparently. I personally thought that you could do SSL in jdk1.3 with the JSSE downloadables. Maybe the build scripts can't deal?

I dunno. But anyway, I must say, I love the look of your weblog Kate. And the pictures of you doing the halloween thing are HellaCute^(TM). ;)
8:01:51 PM    

Holidays for overstressed IT workers

You can work in return for food+lodgings by joining Willing Workers On Organic Farms. You join by buying a directory of WWOOF farms. Stays from 2 nights to how-ever-long-you-and-the-owner-feel-like. ;)

For example Redgum Soaps in picturesque Bega. Hmmm.

(Me sick of the IT industry? NEVER! :)
7:45:45 PM    

Word 11 XML'ified

Word 11, XML, and the universal canvas. I'm in LA at Fusion, a gathering of Microsoft partners and resellers. In this morning's keynote, Jeff Raikes recapitulated his PC Expo talk on Office productivity futures and the Tablet PC. The new part of the talk, which brought me to the edge of my seat, was a preview of a genuinely XML-capable version of Word. By that I mean, and Microsoft seems to mean, not just the ability to export to XML, or to consume SOAP services -- capabilities that are in parts of Office XP today (Excel, Access). More profoundly, it's about a writing environment that natively produces XML which is valid with respect to an arbitrary XML Schema. ... [Jon's Radio]

Recently i was working on a database reverse engineering project, with the output doco being setup in a Visio diagram. The latest Visio does xml. So I thought, i'll get the info I want out of oracle, and then i'll generate xml.

I gotta tell you, the xml Visio talks looks nothing like any xml I know. It was basically a xml'ification of their binary file format. As such, it is basically useless. Praying to god that they do a better job with word.

Or you can just use OpenOffice instead, which has been using XML for it's data formats for a while.
9:56:43 AM    

China vs Japan

China: the New Global High-Tech Power [Slashdot: Index]

Heh, i am still busy watching companies outsource to India. I have seen it happen at,, and to a friends small project. In the first instance, the code was so bad that it had java servlets' service method's marked single threaded. Obviously, it didn't scale. Pity said code base is still in production.

I ait with baited breath to see how China's build quality compares with Japan.
7:59:53 AM    


The Death Sprint : an anti-pattern. The Death March antipattern describes a situation that all too many programmers have been stuck in : despite a team of quality programmers, putting more effort into the project only seems to increase the time before it is good enough to be released. Ultimately, the project is canned, or it ships in a state making everyone deny involvement. At the other end of the spectrum is extreme programming, with short release cycles and incremental design forcing a regular flow of releases that are reliable, even if not very feature complete. Is it possible to combine the worst of both worlds ? Suggesting it is, I introduce the Death Sprint anti-pattern. []

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
7:47:25 AM    

Python for Java

Humongous Python. Stephen Figgins: Humongous Python "With their upcoming Backyard Hockey game, they wanted to try something new. "We considered developing another custom language," Dawson told me. 'We decided we made that mistake once. I see no need to repeat our mistakes. Let's make new and exciting different mistakes this time.' They settled on a combination of C++ for intense graphics, resource loading, and physics, and Python for scripting and AI. They were already familiar with Python as a build tool, and several of their developers had experience working with it as well. Dawson wrote in his slide presentation for the games conference, 'We started using it and couldn't stop. It was fun!'" [ZopeNewbies]

A design pattern pushed by tcl's creator. Luckily, us Java weenies can do it with things like Jython.
7:44:16 AM    


Jikes 1.16.

IBM has released version 1.16 of their popular Jikes open source Java compiler.This release adds support for assertions,and fixes numerous bugs."This release is dedicated to geeks and the people who love them." [Cafe Au Lait]


7:40:37 AM    

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