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Friday, October 08, 2004

I think there are several paths to excellence in government technology.  The UK's Ian Watmore is team-building as he attempts to refocus governmentwide efforts:

"I have ideas and priorities to put into the debate but I want to listen to what other people want to do - there is plenty of time to influence, I want to understand first"

Hawaii has joined Utah in offering a one-stop business registration service.  They're calling it Hawaii Business Express.  In fact, they've redesigned the whole state portal since I last looked.  They've also added Live Help.  But what is pahoehoe?

The US Dept of Agriculture has also improved its portal.  This week, Secretary Ann Veneman announced My.USDA.gov for those who want to personalize their USDA experience.  I guess that's something maybe farmers would be interested in.

The bovine genome database is now available through a map viewer at NCBI. This is a subset of GenBank.  Japan has established its own online DNA databank.

There has been a lot happening this week here in Utah.  The eGovernment Product Management Council meet Wednesday and had a chance to review the Dept. of Commerce's new Controlled Substance Database that will be available to practitioners and pharmacists.  Various wireless initiatives are moving forward.  A new state search engine RFP is almost ready to hit the street.  And I'm very interested in using DCML (if it is ready) to reduce the silos that exist within our own data center operations.

The FDA has a mammography facility database that is searchable online.  Forty-seven facilities can be found in Utah.

The National Geodetic Survey is working to expand positioning services nationwide.  UDOT is spearheading an initiative here in Utah.

The deadline for voter registration is fast approaching.  Here's what you need to do.

Governor Ernie Fletcher announced his plan to get broadband to all Kentuckians by 2007, "Prescription for Innovation: Delivering Broadband Technology for a 21st Century Kentucky."   His extensive initiatives to reorganize just about all of state government are also quite interesting.

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