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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

David Steven of The Daily Summit team sent me the link to The Daily Summit, another source of information and perspectives on the World Summit on the Information Society.  The Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic is now speaking to the summit following leaders from Latvia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, etc.  Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe) was heavy with criticism of the U.S. and Britain, stating that they were using ICT to promote their world hegemony.  There is a lot of rhetoric here, I'm not sure what specific things will result from these meetings.

Leonid Reiman of Russia is more focused on how ICT can be used to bring the world together.  He mentions eRussia as a project that is extending into all aspects of Russian society.  He also mentions concern over identity theft and support for e-commerce, a more positive perspective of technology than what we have heard from some of the developing country leaders.

Andy Oram provides some thoughts on the WSIS.

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