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Monday, February 24, 2003

While I was being briefed about eTeam, I caught up on what is happening with digital preservation.  It's an area that I'm concerned about in terms of where we are in the state.  An example, in Archives, we store employee personnel records - the paper copy - for sixty-five years, but we have not made any provisions for how we will store the digital record, which is the record of note.  We need to be increasingly concerned about how we do this or we're going to have problems going forward.  The federal government is making progress in this area with digitalpreservation.gov and the development of the Plan for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

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Just got back from a demonstration of eTeam that is being given to emergency management people in the state.  eTeam's leadership role in creating a standards body known as the Emergency XML (EM-XML) Consortium is encouraging to me.  We need integration between our incident management system and other critical information generating systems like dispatch systems, etc.  Roland Squire, the HS project manager is asking the right questions.  We need to make sure that someone from the AGRC is involved in providing GIS support to the eTeam implementation group.
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