Monday, January 19, 2004

Vitamin D may protect against MS.

You didn't see this on television news and you probably didn't notice it in your newspaper. Approximately 350,000 Americans have MS, so this is not an insignificant group.

The big drug companies pretty much control what you see and read, so it isn't surprising that a ten- to twenty-year study would get ignored -- especially if the results don't benefit the big drug companies. But that is just what is coming out of The Nurses Health Study. Click here to read one of the few accounts of this finding published in a newspaper.

"A huge study testing a long-held theory about the cause of multiple sclerosis has found that women who took a vitamin D supplement cut their risk of developing the incurable neurological disorder 40 percent. ... Vitamin D from food sources did not seem to lower the incidence of MS."

Take a good supplement, and don't take more than is in the supplement. Too much Vitamin D can be toxic. If you need the name of a good supplement, I can recommend one. Contact me through the mailto: link on this weblog.

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