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About Home-Based Entrepreneur and Its Companion Weblogs

If you are interested in building your own business and operating it from home, this is where you can get tips, best practices, and news you can use.

I promise not to waste your time. The categories are organized to allow for subscription to only those sections of interest to you.

What is this weblog about?

The intent of this weblog is to provide commentary and hyperlinks of interest to individuals who want to start their own business. In particular, it is intended to be a service to those who wish to start a business supplying e-Learning applications and services (including design, development, delivery, and evaluation), and to those who want to start (or have already started) a network marketing business.

How does this weblog work?

Like other weblogs, this is a frequently updated website that features commentary and hyperlinks, usually to somewhere else on the Web. The main content of a weblog is made up of posts that are presented in reverse chronological order. The page changes every time something is posted.

Each post can be bookmarked or referenced in your own webpage or weblog if you find it interesting. If the post is a quote from another weblog or web page, you will find the name of that weblog or page in square brackets in the body of the post or at the end of the post. The name in square brackets will be a link to the original source, so you can check it out for yourself. Sometimes the title line of a post is also a link, and I may have underlined links inside the post as well.

Posts end with a timestamp and a link to the post itself (the # sign) that is called a permalink because it remains valid even after the post has disappeared from the main page and gone to the archive. Some weblogs provide a way to comment on individual posts. I have chosen not to enable comments here -- I had them enabled before, but certain unscrupulous people "spammed" the comments with advertisements, product pitches, and rude comments, so I turned off the comment links.

If you want to link to a post in my weblog, I recommend you click on the permalink and use that as the anchor. I have turned off the ability for others to leave comments. Unfortunately, spammers have discovered that they can elevate their Google rankings by leaving comments on weblogs. Spam on other weblogs ranges from the unoffensive and rare to the nasty and overwhelming. My decision was to opt out. If you want to respond to one of my posts, use the email link on the page.

If you have a news aggregator, you may wish to subscribe to any of the individual weblogs that are presented here as affiliates of Home-Based Entrepreneur. Simply right-click on the larger orange XML square (the one with the coffee cup) and copy the link. If you are using Radio as your aggregator, just left click on the square and Radio will subscribe you automatically.


At the present time, I am still refining my navigation scheme. However, in the side column on each page, you will see links to the other weblogs in this group. You will also find a calendar that indicates the days on which I left posts; click on any highlighted day and the entries for that day will come up front and center.

Credits and Kudos.

I manage this weblog with the Radio Userland software application, and I like the fact that it works extremely well.

This "About" is modeled on one done by Sebastien Paquet.

All the best!

Bill Brandon

© Copyright 2005 Bill Brandon.
Last update: 10/2/2005; 10:17:17 PM.

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