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Saturday, August 2, 2003

Xerox has a new document watermarking technology based on a printer flaw. Very neat!
1:50:29 PM    

(another post from tingilinde)


Jeff points out a rather amazing piece of ping-pong performance art.

7:32:58 AM    

An attempt to classify a few of the prominent blogs.

Calling the Drudge Report journalism is like calling Fox News journalism ..
7:03:27 AM    

An addictive little game. Keep balls from falling into a drain.
6:21:29 AM    

While listening to yesterday's Morning Edition this morning I came across a great review on the movie The Magdalene Sisters. Great and frightening stuff - it clearly seems to be a movie to watch.

Catch the trailer.
6:21:12 AM    

Verizon is dismissing AT&T's recent DSL offer.

A few months ago Verizon began to offer a fast DSL service for $30 a month as part of a bundle with a stand-alone price of $35. Cable modem service has become more expensive over hte past year with most monthly bills averaging about $50 a month. SBC and Verizon are both pushing DSL with lower price points and perhaps we will see a price war like we did in the mid 1990s on dialup access.

Canada, South Korea and Japan have dramatically lower broadband access charges ($15 to $20 a month) - it will be interesting to see if broadband drops to the what many regard as a psychological boundary for mass adoption of the service -- anywhere from $20 to $25 a month.

It would be nice to have more competition to force the lower prices nationally. People will certainly sign up for AT&T's service - but only in areas not covered by current cable modem service or Verizon (and possibly) SBC DSL.
6:20:43 AM    

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