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Monday, June 09, 2003
> Peek at the new Ten Thousand Year Blog (Squishdot)
A peek at the, hopefully, new Ten Thousand Year Blog. I'm not sure what version the RSS feed is, but I think it's 1.0. It is valid as you'll see from this link via the RSS Validator (Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby)
> RSS feed on The Zen of Portalship

Heck, yeah, that's darned cool! So now at least I know that even though the RDF doesn't validate as RSS 1.0, tacking on the RSS suffix does permit me to syndicate site content, which means others can do so as well. Next experiment is to see if I can Blogroll to The Zen of Portalship. The RSS feed is 0.91 (the Netscape RDF-based one).

> David Mattison Bibliography
David Mattison Bibliography A bibliography of my offline and online publications.
Ok, let's see if blogging my own RSS feed from The Zen of Portalship works!
> Thank you from me to you my readers!
A big thank you to those who continue to link to and comment on my wiki article for Searcher magazine (April 2003). Also, thanks to those who've utilized the copy of the resource list I pulled together for a presentation I gave on blogs, RSS and wikis to a handful of librarians and information technologists in and outside the British Columbia government. The list is also available at on my public Zwiki ( I will be integrating the two versions and deleting the one at the Searchers ZWiki (but leave a link pointing to the current version). Thanks to those of you who annotated the Searchers' ZWiki one. It's not intended to be a canonical list, just a few sites that interested me, and some explanatory text based on my very limited knowledge of this stuff.  
> NewsGator 1.2 with blogging APIs support

NewsGator 1.2 is out and now offers plugin support for external blogging tools. See the developer's Weblog (Greg Reinacker of Reinacker & Associates Inc.) for other tidbits about NewsGator. I believe this is the tool that will bring RSS into the corporate world. These are the plugins listed on the NewsGator site as of June 9, 02003:

Blogger plug-in

For users of, or other weblog systems which support the Blogger API.

Current version: (22 May 2003)

Download: MSI installer | ZIP file

Radio plug-in

For users of Radio Userland, or other weblog systems which support the MetaWeblog API.

Current version: (05 June 2003)

Download: MSI installer | ZIP file

BlogX plug-in

For users of the BlogX weblog system.

Current version: (29 May 2003)

Download: MSI installer | ZIP file

ASPNetWebLog plug-in

For users of, and other weblog systems powered by ASPNetWebLog.

Current version: (22 May 2003)

Download: MSI installer | ZIP file

Third Party Plug-ins

The following plug-ins have been developed by third-party partners. For support, contact the vendors directly.

Movable Type plug-in

For users of Movable Type. More information at

Current version: (31 May 2003)

Download: MSI installer | ZIP file

EraBlog.NET plug-in

For users of More information at

Current version: (20 May 2003)

Download: MSI installer | ZIP file

> Welcome to

My new domain ( is up and running. Not much on the home page. I've installed a public Zwiki and will move content from to The shared hosting service I'm on has some limitations that affect the use of the Zope Content Management Framework as expressed in the default CMF Site and some of the 3rd party tools such as the CMFWeblog Tool. For example, RPCAuth is required to run the CMFWeblog Tool, but the owner is unwilling to install RPCAuth for the shared hosting service.

I've now learned that Zope has XML-RPC built in through a Python library called and xml, so we'll see how successful I'll be at pretending to be a programmer!

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