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Since I've been collecting recipes for many years, WHY NOT share these special concoctions? Some are from friends, some from magazines or favorite cookbooks. All are yummy and most are low fat. I'm really getting interested in more low fat recipes as I get older. Seems that little bit of extra weight become a little harder to get off! I also collect food and nutrition tidbits from other sources and I will be posting those as well. Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Been a long time since I last posted - got a new computer and I'm trying to get everything installed on it - not an easy task!


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Sunday, April 27, 2003

From China's Provinces, a Crafty Germ Spreads. Hints about the origin of SARS provide lessons in how a disease that has spread worldwide could have been stopped. By Elisabeth Rosenthal. [New York Times: Health]
9:47:14 AM    

Hormone Studies: What Went Wrong?. How could two large high-quality studies come to diametrically different conclusions about menopause, hormone therapy and heart disease? By Gina Kolata. [New York Times: Health]
9:43:07 AM    

For $2, a Bottle of Wine and Change. Move over Mondavi. Make way for Two-Buck Chuck, at $1.99 a bottle the hottest thing in the wine market since, well, since nothing. By Frank J. Prial. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
9:36:44 AM    

Something to Read Before Your Next Meal. For anyone who has ever wondered why scientists and the public are so often at loggerheads over issues of food safety, the new book "Safe Food" provides something of an answer. By Marian Burros. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
9:35:46 AM    

Moving Beyond the Pinto: Cool Beans for Spring. Plump, glistening and showing off its curves, the 21st-century bean is pumped up and ready for action. By Kay Rentschler. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
9:32:13 AM    

Feast At The World’s Table™. Pacific Foods International has released its innovative product line, “The World’s Table™”, redefining ethnic favorites with tantalizing natural flavors perfect for today’s lifestyles. Low fat, low cholesterol and low calorie! [PRWEB Apr 27, 2003] [PR Web]
8:39:56 AM    

Virus targets mosquitoes. News24 - Fight virus with virus, the US Agricultural Research Service (ARS) says, in announcing that its scientists have devised a high-tech way to target mosquitoes that carry the deadly West Nile virus.
8:38:09 AM    

CIA had idea of contagion, and of governments' reactions. Boston Globe - The Central Intelligence Agency predicted more than three years ago that increased international air travel, trade, and tourism would dramatically increase the spread of infectious diseases ...
8:35:19 AM    

'Irish coffee' injection prevents stroke damage. New Scientist - A caffeine and alcohol cocktail similar to an Irish coffee could prevent severe brain damage in stroke victims, new research has revealed.
7:35:49 AM    

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Summers of Tapioca and Bliss. No one is neutral about tapioca pudding, the "teddy bear of desserts." By Marian Burros. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
1:00:29 PM    

Steamy Fish, Cool Greens. This fish-preparation technique has so many benefits that it should make a convert of anyone who still believes that fish is tricky to cook. By Mark Bittman. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
12:58:03 PM    

A Little Plantain at the Passover Table. All over Miami, Jews from Latin America show the influence of their upbringing at the Seder table. By Joan Nathan. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
12:56:44 PM    

Online, Clam-Diggers Optional. Clams and oysters are readily available on the Internet, so it is easy to be fussy though, admittedly, it costs more. By Marian Burros. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
12:55:17 PM    

How to Boil an Egg: So Simple, but Not Easy. Cooking hard-boiled, a staple at the Passover table, can be almost as bewildering as nailing down their symbolism. By Julia Moskin. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
12:54:22 PM    

California Sues Restaurants Over Seafood [News Is Free: Health]
12:51:32 PM    

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Want to live to age 90? Watch your weight at 21 [Reuters Health eLine]
9:28:06 AM    

Finding Gold in the Jumble of Dreams. A hundred years after Freud, scientists are still unsure what dreams are about. A psychiatrist learns they often replay the dominant sensations of patients' lives. By Anna Fels, M.d.. [New York Times: Health]
9:25:11 AM    

This Store Sells Rice Pudding. Nothing Else.. What should be the perfect palliative for a city on edge has become, for one restaurateur, an obsession. By Fred A. Bernstein. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
9:14:00 AM    

I love turnips! There's nothing better than a beef stew (or vegetable stew) with turnips, rutabagas, carrots, onions and potatoes! Can you tell I'm originally from Wisconsin??!!

Clearing a Turnip Fog. Turnips are among the first crops of the season, and the memory of a spring-chicken dinner long ago inspires me to pair the two. By Mark Bittman. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]

9:05:07 AM    

Recipe: Roast Chicken With Turnips. ROAST CHICKEN WITH TURNIPS. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
9:01:24 AM    

Eating raw broccoli may combat cancer [New Scientist]
8:56:19 AM    

Cranberry JuiceA Cocktail for the Heart. Science News - Chemist Joe Vinson has a passion for foods and the potentially beneficial antioxidants they bring to the dinner table.
8:36:53 AM    

Trilobite bites Roomba's style.

trilobite.jpgThe Roomba isn't the only robot that can vacuum your floors any more. Electrolux's new Trilobite robotic vacuum cleaner accomplishes the same task and even looks almost exactly like iRobot's Roomba, except it comes in red, rather than black.

8:29:59 AM    

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Trial Under Way in Case of Vegetarians' Sick Child. A State Supreme Court trial is unfolding in a Queens courtroom in the case of a couple charged with endangering their child's life through a strict vegan diet. By Corey Kilgannon. [New York Times: Health]
7:13:05 AM    

In Medicine, Nature Plays Dirty Tricks. "Natural" alternatives are not always inexpensive, nor are they always gentle, effective or safe. By Abigail Zuger, M.d.. [New York Times: Health]
7:08:21 AM    

Reactions: New Twist on Smoke and Coughs. A new study found that smokers had to inhale almost eight times as much of an irritant before coughing as much as nonsmokers. By John O'neil. [New York Times: Health]
7:05:20 AM    

spam radio. One year ago today I discovered the joys of Spam Radio. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]
6:57:27 AM    

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Easy, Healthy, Home-Cooking Alternative to Fast-Food. A new website provides weekly menus of nutritionally balanced recipes with complete grocery lists for busy families who want a healthier diet, but lack the time to do the necessary planning. [PRWEB Mar 14, 2003] [PR Web]
8:16:51 AM    

Rare Health Alert Is Issued by W.H.O. for Mystery Illness. The alert declared a mysterious respiratory illness "a worldwide health threat" and urged all countries to help control it. By Lawrence K. Altman and Keith Bradsher. [New York Times: Health]
8:14:06 AM    

Studies of lemon balm have found that it improves mood, enhances memory and could help people with Alzheimer's disease.
Lemon balm 'boosts memory' BBC
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Thursday, March 13, 2003

More hospitals seeking consent for gynecological exams on unconscious women. Canada.com - PHILADELPHIA (CP) - Some of the leading US medical schools have abandoned a little-known, decades-old practice of letting students perform pelvic exams on women without their consent while they are under anesthesia.
8:36:19 AM    

McDonald's Tries to Bottle Paul Newman. In an effort to burnish its tarnished image on Wall Street and Main Street, McDonald's has formed a partnership with Paul Newman. By Marian Burros. [New York Times: Health]
8:26:44 AM    

A World of Grains for the Breakfast Bowl. Think you know your grains? Be careful: the picture can become fuzzy fast. By Kay Rentschler. [New York Times: Health]
8:26:05 AM    

New database gives food ingredient details [Reuters Health eLine]
8:22:53 AM    

Study: Pain pills may dissolve Alzheimer lesions [Reuters Health eLine]
8:19:10 AM    

You Made All This Yourself?. Antipasti, an assortment of small tastes that stimulate the palate without filling you up, are an ideal start to any dinner. By Amanda Hesser. [New York Times: Dining and Wine]
8:14:56 AM    

Cocktail Recipes - Wireless access a database of over 7,000 cocktail recipes from a cell phone or handheld computer (PDA). Cocktail Recipes - Wireless access a database of over 7,000 cocktail recipes from a cell phone or handheld computer (PDA) [PRWEB Mar 12, 2003] [PR Web]
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