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Friday, October 17, 2003
Home again, again (12:33:04 AM)

Got back earlier today from the WS-ReliableMessaging summit that Dave writes about.  Dave and I actually crossed paths there for about 20 minutes before he had to leave... like ships passing in the night. :)  Yes, technically I'm still on my between-jobs vacation, but Sonic was pretty psyched to have me attend this shindig, and it was, I must say, pretty good.  As mentioned, we can't talk about the results, but I will say that there were a lot of smiles at the group dinner we had last night.

I was particularly psyched to have built a functional implementation of the spec on top of Axis in about 6 hours (45 min before I left on Tuesday, plus about 3 hours work Tuesday evening in my hotel room and another couple hours tweaking during the morning Wednesday).  While I won't say my implementation is enterprise-ready, the fact that I could get it up and running quickly is a testament to the relative simplicity/clarity of the spec (not to mention the ease of developing SOAP extensions in Axis :)).

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