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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Just when I get Radio back up to snuff, I'm going to cut out for a while to meet a book deadline. For all my books, click over to http://www.waywest.net/  When I'm back from the grindstone, I'll have some fresh posts on what I've been working on.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

After yet another message from Userland that my license was about to expire, and another reply from me that my code wasn't working, I got an answer that solved the problem. Geez, it didn't have to be this hard, but it was.

Makes me like TypePad all the more.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

No wait! Turns out I can get the darn software to accept my serial number--except it's not the "unlock code" number that comes with the confirmation-of-payment email. No, it's in another email that you receive before you pay up.

That kind of convoluted, anti-intuitive logic is exactly why I'm abandoning Userland's Radio. One should not have to be a geek to blog. Actually, it's not even that. It's that Radio never seems to work in a direct way, but always in some would-never-think-of-it-in-a-billion-years way that Userland veterans think is obvious.

So call me dumb. Ugh, good riddance.

Oh, sweetly now: my new (easy to use) blog is now at:


See you there!

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In pure frustration over Radio's determined clunkiness, I've switched to TypePad. It is so much easier to work with.

You can now find my current blog at:


Please change your bookmarks to the new address, since I can't even get Userland to recognize that I've paid the renewal license to keep this site up. Given their level of customer service, this site may go dark even though I sent them the $40.

Pure frustration...


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