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Friday, March 11, 2005

This will be the last post I make on "Jeremy Allaire's Radio", as all of my blogging activity transitions to the Brightcove Blog, launched last week.  Many members of the Brightcove team will posting there.  On that note, I just posted a multimedia entry / commentary on the differences between Telco/IPTV and the Internet of Video.  Give it a view/listen!

Most importantly, if you want to start pickup up the latest you can browse at blog.brightcove.com or pickup the new RSS feed at blog.brightcove.com/blog/index.rdf



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Sunday, February 27, 2005

As noted on PaidContent, we're launching Brightcove, a company I started last summer and have been stealth until now.  While we're not getting into too much detail about what we're actually doing, we are starting to talk about the themes and ideas behind the company, which one can clearly use to deduce what we might be up to. 

The theme of the "democratization of media" is one that goes all the way back to my origin interests in the Internet, and to some of the important ideas that framed and drove ColdFusion, and Allaire's other software franchises.  We're onto the next phase of experiences on the Internet, and the much richer and expressive medium of video. 

There's a narrated animation on our website that gives a good view into what we see happening and how we hope to help producers and publishers of video take us into the emerging era of Internet Television.

We've also published a company blog that is a rollup of news, announcements, blogsphere references and suggested reading.  Keep it in your RSS readers!


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Saturday, February 26, 2005

While there was a little buzz last week about the emerging next-generation XBox, to be called XBox 360, much of it focused on the industrial design and basic facts like wireless controllers and that there will be an edition with a hard-drive and one without, etc.

What was not talked about broadly was the much more important details on how the XBox is going to help transform digital media distribution on the Internet.  While many have lauded the mini-mac as a potential consumer-friendly, possibly living-room friendly device that could also help distribute media, the XBox 360 is smack aimed at this and will rock the consumer world with it's features, functions and price.

Some things to keep in mind about this new consumer set-top box from Microsoft (yes, the XBox is more or less a consumer set-top and entertainment box at this stage than a 'gaming console'):

- It's a powerful HD-capable DVD player
- It's a networked Internet media device that can download and render secure audio and video content from PCs and the Internet (read: it's an alternate path to the TV instead of your cable or satellite box)
- It's a networked PVR, when used as a Media Center Extender (a native feature, some have suggested)
- It's an unbelievable gaming platform
- It's going to be inexpensive
- It's NOT a PC or even attempting to be a PC

We're paying close attention here, as this device will likely be a high-volume set-top box to target Internet media applications against in 2006.


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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Congrats to the Onfolio team who have just released their public beta of Onfolio 2.0.  I have been using the new Feed Reader in Onfolio, and am loving it.  Here are a few nice features on the Feeds and Blogging front:

  • Firefox and IE support -- runs in the browser, or as a dockable deskbar
  • Newspaper views (nice DHTML app) make it extremely productive to plow through dozens or hundreds of feeds
  • Reading-list feature lets you productively browse through lots of items and mark those you want to go deep on for readying later
  • Nested collections of feeds
  • Search Feeds, with integration into Feedster and Daypop
  • Item capture -- you can pretty much capture any micro-content from the Web, your RSS feeds, your email, etc.
  • Blog This -- easily blog any item with support for all major weblog services
  • Auto-Blogging -- you can 'share' folders of captured content which are replicated as an HTML weblog, auto-posted into any blog, with generated RSS feeds, etc.

All of this is focused on Feed reading and Blogging, but Onfolio 2.0 builds on 1.0 which provides a great general-purpose content collection engine for your desktop and the Internet, including great built-in sharing and publishing tools.

Check it out!  Here is a detailed list of new features, screenshots and more.



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Thoughts on the economic basis of and consumer interests around pay media on the Internet.
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My discussion on the bandwidth versus storage versus quality debate on PaidContent.org.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Comments on emergence of Flash as a mobile format on PaidContent.org
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Monday, September 13, 2004

TivoFlixing the Video world....
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Guest posting on PaidContent.org ... some thoughts on emerging opportunities in video on the Internet.

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I'm pleased to be a guest blogger / interview on Rafat Ali's PaidContent.org, among my favorite spots on the Web for my daily dose of digital media.  Rafat has launched the ContentNext series of guest blogs on his site.  I'll be writing on a variety of topics including Internet video, the role of Flash on mobile, TiVo/NetFlix deal, and several other topics during this week.  I'll also cross-link to each of my main posts.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I've been quite distracted over the past couple of months with interesting things happening in the broadband video world.  The "video industry" on the Internet is starting to emerge with great force and I'm excited to be focused on this area.  I will try and be regular in posting and sharing thoughts again.
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