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Friday, February 20, 2004

This week Convoq launched their flagship personal web conferencing service, As Soon As Present (ASAP).  The launch is a milestone for the web conferencing marketplace which has to date been characterized by enterprise-focused price points, despite software experiences that have not yet graduated into the modern age of rich client interfaces and experiences and presence-enabled communications.

Convoq ASAP breaks a lot of ground in the convergence of presence management, rich media instant messaging and multi-participant web conferencing, and do this with an economics for the mass-market.  For less than $100 per year, users of ASAP can conduct an ulimited number of meetings with up to 25 participants.  Comparative pricing from Microsoft LiveMeeting (Placeware) and WebEx is in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

This approach to the market reflects Convoq's philosophy that real-time, rich media multi-participant online collaboration is ready to be an everyday productivity application, not a stovepipe system that is limited in its use to those "premium" sales calls or online demos.  The focus on making real-time collaboration more common is reflected in Convoq's thoughtful embrace of productivity-enhacing presence and convocation management features, helping either large or distributed organizations gather the right people at the right time in online settings.

If you or your organization makes regular use of instant messaging and web conferencing in a professional (or personal!) context, I'd encourage you to evaluate Convoq ASAP.

As a board member of Convoq, it's very exciting to see this innovative communications service launch -- congrats to the entire Convoq team!  I can also say that while the 1.0 product accomplishes a lot, this team has an incredible vision and roadmap for where to take online communications and collaboration, so please stay tuned.

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