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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Congrats to the Onfolio team who have just released their public beta of Onfolio 2.0.  I have been using the new Feed Reader in Onfolio, and am loving it.  Here are a few nice features on the Feeds and Blogging front:

  • Firefox and IE support -- runs in the browser, or as a dockable deskbar
  • Newspaper views (nice DHTML app) make it extremely productive to plow through dozens or hundreds of feeds
  • Reading-list feature lets you productively browse through lots of items and mark those you want to go deep on for readying later
  • Nested collections of feeds
  • Search Feeds, with integration into Feedster and Daypop
  • Item capture -- you can pretty much capture any micro-content from the Web, your RSS feeds, your email, etc.
  • Blog This -- easily blog any item with support for all major weblog services
  • Auto-Blogging -- you can 'share' folders of captured content which are replicated as an HTML weblog, auto-posted into any blog, with generated RSS feeds, etc.

All of this is focused on Feed reading and Blogging, but Onfolio 2.0 builds on 1.0 which provides a great general-purpose content collection engine for your desktop and the Internet, including great built-in sharing and publishing tools.

Check it out!  Here is a detailed list of new features, screenshots and more.



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