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Knowledge Management

 Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Ideagraph. Danny Ayers: Ideagraph is easy-to-use software for creating visual maps of ideas, that can work with web pages, documents and images. via Luke Hutteman [Sam Ruby]

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Take the fat out of your writing. Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge on tight writing.

...think clarity, relevance, sincerity, concision and transparency.

...always budget enough time for at least two editing passes. There is a lot less pressure to get it right the first time when you know you'll have another crack at it.

...I highly recommend OmniOutliner) to compose and edit my emails. By never letting the text into my email client until it's fully baked, I remove the temptation to just dash something off without reading and editing it, and I prevent myself from unleashing a nuclear flame while upset.

This has saved me from sending out a few messages I'd have regretted.

[The Job Blog]

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