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Sunday, September 29, 2002

With apologies to the two people who were happy to see me move from Blogger to Radio UserLand so that they could subscribe to my blog via RSS, I'm going to shift back to Blogger for a while.  Radio is very powerful but isn't a great fit for the way I blog. 

Two Blogger features that work well for my blogging style:

1.  The Blogger Pro "Blog This!" feature (screenshot), which makes blogging in context simple; I use my Favorites menu when I'm on a page I want to blog, and the Blogger Pro window pops up without changing the context of my main browser page.  RadioExpress! is designed to work this way as well, but it's both slow and inconsistent.

2.  Blogger's server-centricity, which means I can easily blog from multiple clients without worrying about client version synchronization etc.

Blogger Pro is also supposed to automatically generate an RSS feed; I'll add a post with the URL in my Blogger blog when I figure out how to make it work.

More on my blogging tool explorations to follow... 

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The Economist: Linux gets a break  "For the first time in years, Microsoft’s unassailable lead in computer operating systems is being challenged by manufacturers offering Linux software. Even a puny challenge is better than none."

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Saturday, September 28, 2002

Lotus gears up for Notes/Domino 6 launch  "And for those eager to stay up-to-the-minute on Lotus' advances, there will be no more three-year waits between releases, Zollar said: Lotus' goal going forward will be to release major Lotus/Domino upgrades every 18 to 24 months."

Glad to see R6 is ready to roll; won't hold my breath on R7 timing, however...  Congrats to the folks in Westford!

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Friday, September 27, 2002

RadioExpress  Lawrence Lee of UserLand kindly pointed me to this Radio extension which provides some of the Blogger-like post-in-context features.  Now I can post to Radio from an IE Favorite or from the IE toolbar.  Cool...
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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Microsoft puts a price on IM features   "The Redmond, Wash.-based company plans to release the new instant messaging client, MSN Messenger 5, simultaneously with the launch of MSN 8. That launch could happen as early as October, which should also see the release of version 8 of online service software from AOL Time Warner's America Online unit. AOL unveiled the latest update to its popular AOL Instant Messenger product, version 5, last week." 

I'd pay a small fee for a version of Windows Messenger with audio and video that worked across firewalls, but overall suspect the MSN 8 cajoling will not be well received.

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So... I get my laptop all set up for Radio Weblog (as well as my home desktop), and I have my third HP laptop catastrophic hardware failure in 2 weeks.  I'm starting to suspect that I emit some kind of electromagnetic pulse that burns out lightbulbs, destroys HP hard disks, etc.  In fairness to Microsoft, in any case, I need to point out that today's disaster was similar to the one I had last week and attributed to Windows XP SP1; I have a hunch it was a hard disk controller issue and just unlucky timing for my SP1 update. 

I miss my ThinkPad...

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I've decided it's time to start exploring other blogging tools.  I've been using Blogger for a couple years, almost exclusively for sharing links to news stories (my Blogger blog), and I continue to believe Blogger is simpler for some basic weblog purposes, but I also want to explore some of the more advanced capabilities available in tools such as Radio UserLand.  For now, I'll continue to post links to news stories via Blogger and post other musings here.

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