Thursday, October 7, 2004

Picture Perfect Glazes.

The Image Box allows one to manipulate a digital picture, apply it to a ceramic piece, and be heat treated, "glazed".

You have probably seen these set up in your local mall or fair and may have even dismissed them.  However, they could be used by those looking for that perfect glaze!

You could "apply" one of these copper red "glazes", perhaps a nice shino "glaze", or a even a tricky celadon blue.

(Caution: The images linked above are probably copyrighted.  They are cited here as examples only.)

6:52:45 AM    

The Tidy Blog Man:

OK, posted an updated best-of-blog page. Sort of cheated a bit, and since a lot of things are on the on-line gallery page, I'll go with it.

Apologies to those who didn't want to see how this hot dog is made.

6:30:48 AM