Friday, June 30, 2006

Hipster PDA- (reprint of 6/14/2005)

I like to organize things. I also need a place to record and refer to things throughout the day. Back in the corporate world I used carry cut up pieces of blank paper clipped together in my back pocket. I kept my to-do's, ideas, etc on them.

Imagine my surprise when I found some like minded folks. 43folders introduced the notion of a paper PDA (Hipster), and it seems to have taken off. (Google, Flickr.)

Douglas Johnston has released a very nice set of Hipster templates.

I've been busy working on some Hipster templates as well. My take is a bit different in that I do not really follow a formal methodology such as Getting Things Done.

(7/13: More Hipster PDA goodies under my new Hipster PDA section.)

My set:

Categorization via the Meta-Line Organizer.
Designed for cheap (gray scale) printing.
Economical use of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. (Plus more room to write.)

  • Blank.
  • Grid.
  • Checklist.
    • I'll often keep my 'official' to-do list on this.
  • Lined.
  • Tear-away.
    • Allows me to give notes to folks and not lose too much paper.
  • Fold Up Cards.
    • More formal cards. Yes, that is a picture of poison oak.
  • Dictionary.
  • Rulers.
    • Metric and English. Sorry it is a bit rough when printed.
  • Conversions.
    • Metric and English.
  • Star Chart.
    • I do a bit of astronomy so it makes sense to me.
  • World Map with Time Zones.
  • Chess and Checkers.
  • Playing Cards.
  • Go.
    • The 9x9 version.
  • Battleship.
    • For two players.
  • Sundial Day Planner.
    • I get fed up with one's life totally planned by the hour so here is my little retort.
  • Morse Code and Semaphore.
    • I can never remember this stuff when I could use it... so like similar stuff, into the Hipster it goes.
  • Staff (Music)
  • Do It Yourself Art.
    • OK, this is along the lines of the conceptual work I do...but totally valid for anyone to use and compose their own art.
  • Full Sheet.
    • Because sometimes you just need a full sheet of paper.

John Norris' Hipster pdf version.

John Norris' Hipster Scribus version. (Scribus is a free desktop publishing app.)

I'd get a kick out of what others can do with this, so I am releasing it under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. (Do be careful with attributing some of the other folk's content I've included.)

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Project Management (reprint)
Supplement TemplateA
picture named pm.jpg

A quick way to plan steps, time, cost, and dependencies.

Time line units can represent any amount of time. I picked the $ sign, but please modify it as you need to.

PM Hipster Template PDF

PM Hipster Template .sla (Scribus)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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