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Last Updated 10/07/04

Neither an attempt to explain this blog, nor to try to encompass all the thoughts. It is just that some stuff just comes out better...

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In no particular order here is a list of my 10 favorite posts so far:

John's On-line art

Enough FREE art to fill a gallery! Exploring physical art available on the Internet . Demonstrations of how meta-information regarding a piece can change its meaning.

What's So Special?

Common elements that artists use on containers to designate that the contents are special. Several week's work of discoveries summerized.

Psychic Ceramics

The Psychic and Physical distinction, opens a new avenue for vaild exporation...while Clayton Bailey mucks things up as usual!
Ceramics with Astronomical Decorations.

Looking at a variety of cultures and ages, one may be surprised at what is there and what is not.  (Caution: IAAAA  I am an Amateur(ish) Astronomer.)

The Medium is the Message

A Picture's elements that provide a sort of textual level of meaning. A perfect example of what I love about Information and Art.
State Certified Dangerous Information

Information that is dangerous enough but made more so by using a particular media (machine readable.) Super example of powerful information - including discerning how it is represented.
Cyber mug contents.

If cups could dream.  Use of electronic storage within a coffee mug.

The piece that changed my world...PLASTIC!

Important to me...and helps explain where my work comes from.

Untitled Fine Art Print, day 2

I liked the introduction of the Untitled Fine Art Print, but the follow up hit it home for me.
Free Fine Conceptual Art Ceramic Sculpture

Nice historical overview of the concept, with humor. Hey, who doesn't like free stuff...?

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