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Thanks for stopping by. If you are curious as to what this site is about and who I am, there is no need to click further.

I am the John Norris in the John-Norris.Net.

I've held a life long interest in information, chiefly how it is organized and communicated. I find creative information processes and communication media fascinating.  I am currently pursuing those interests in a professional capacity by training in the field of Biomedical Informatics, and have a portion of this site dedicated to that.

Another interest of mine is what I'd call the imaginative object. These are those things that show a creative mind at work. An object that is out of the ordinary, references important concepts, shows broad considerations, and carries it off as simply as possible...I find compelling.

This site combines those two interests by looking at information about art. In particular I am looking at ceramic art, which I am most familiar with. I have an MFA in studio ceramics. (My graduate exhibition could have been subtitled Containors of Information as it included pinhole cameras, star chart scrolls, an orrery, a telescope and other items.)

The Best of John-Norris.Net will give you a good taste of the site.

Finally, I love web sites that share, and I want to do that is well. So check out the things in the Free Art area!

You can reach me at: john@john-norris.net

Thanks for reading.