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Resourceful and successful manager who inspired loyalty and commitment while leading teams under challenging circumstances. Experienced in increasing the efficiency of the flow of knowledge, and its value, within a department, across organizations, and with the public. Demonstrated effectiveness in leadership with people, technology, training, and business processes.

Professional Experience

SONICblue, Inc., Santa Clara, California 1993-2002 Consumer electronics company: PC cards, VCRs, DVDs, PVRs, (Formerly S3, Diamond Multimedia, Supra, ReplayTV, GoVideo)

Manager of Support Technology 1999-2002 Responsible for the flow of information within the Customer Care department and Support oriented information to other departments as well as to the public. Supervised a database/web designer .

+ Managed knowledge engineering. Responsible for Support knowledge bases for 300 products across 4 major brands. Increased ease of access to knowledge, via the Intra/Internet, applications, custom web palette, e-mail, and phone prompts. Increased maintenance efficiency. Incorporated all knowledge into third party knowledge management application (Island Data.)

+ Developed highly successful web design for support content on the Internet. The companies sites were used thousands of times a day. Consulted as a usability expert on corporate Internet presence. Worked closely with corporate web developers and their management. Quantified value of Support's Internet presence from both an advertising as well as customer contact perspectives

+ Conducted business analyses of product returns, customer charges, and information reporting requirements. Recommended and implemented in-house and third party solutions to increase efficiency approximately 50%. Increased visibility of Support information and concerns to other departments. Advised product redesigns.

+ Directed training for customer relations management (CRM), including overseeing trainers and tools as well as personally conducting training to individuals and groups. Utilized various methods and media, including tele-learning, web conferencing, IRC, IM, CRM, Forums, web/paper documentation, email, and phones.

+ Played key role in the implementation of Great Plains, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Represented Support at a Corporate level. Quickly learned Great Plains, Finance and Inventory processes. Synthesized business processes between cross-functional groups, recommended configurations of the application.

+Played key role in outsourcing support to regional and oversees partners. Developed transition strategies, oversaw technical aspects. Result: Support Center, handling 1000 interactions a day, successfully transitioned to third parties in India and Texas.

Customer Care Supervisor 1995-1999

Managed technicians answering customer's questions via email, phone, and fax.

+ Managed up to 15 people at a time, including phone and e-mail Representatives (personnel directly answering customers), Technical Leads (Support experts for a product line), Administrative Assistants (back office staff) Web Developers (Creating support's Intranet -containing documentation, data collection and reporting, accessing third party tools. Publishing resources for Sales staff.)

+ Performed hiring and exit interviews, issued promotions, oral and written review and warnings, dealt with confidential Human Resource issues, worked with salary budget and performance metrics.

+ Dealt personally with with difficult customers and delicate corporate situations.

+ Served on the team that lead the remodeling of Customer Care with outside consultants from MCI. Worked under tight time and resource constraints to analyze and change business process, implement new metrics and goals, leading to a more efficient department that more than paid for the cost of the consultation and was an example for the rest of the company.

Customer Care Representative 1993-1995

Answered customer's questions via email, phone and fax.

+ Technical lead for Macintosh hardware and software, trained new Representatives, liaison to Engineering department, responsible for reporting and resolving the more difficult technical issues.

+ Excellent Customer relationship, troubleshooting, e-mail and phone skills. Trained others in these areas.

+ Ability to listen as well as think and learn quickly.





+ Accepted into OHSU Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Informatics Program.
+ Completed "Medical Terminology and Body Systems", a three course series from Linn-Benton Community College, Oregon.

+ Master of Fine Arts, Utah State University. (Work based on notion of containers of information)

+ Bachelor of Arts Philosophy. University of California, Santa Cruz. (Work based on natural language analysis)



Specialized Training:

+ Project Management Seminar

+ Managing Difficult Employees Seminar



Technical Computer Experience

Mac OS 7.1 - 10.2.6
Windows 95, 98, 2000

Brightware (Firepond)
Island Data

Vantive (People Soft)

Great Plains (Microsoft)

Definity Switch

MS Office Suite
Open Office Suite
Appleworks Suite

Microsoft Exchange / Outlook
Microsoft Project

Graphic Converter

Userland Radio

Instant Messaging



Ceramic / Art

  • Developed and publishedmultiple on-line ceramic art projects.

  • Developing a series of work and a theory of ceramic containers being used as containers of information.

  • Began weblog in Feb, 2002, concerning information, meta-information, and containers from the perspective of a ceramic artist.

  • Developed and publishedmultiple on-line conceptual art projects including numbered prints and performance art.

  • Included in the collection of, Orton Cone Company, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, and numerous individuals.

  • Participated in the 1994 Ceramics Virtual Exhibition; "Clay Art Gallery"; One of the earliest on-line ceramics exhibits. It was done not via the world wide web (HTML) but via gopher,

  • MFA Studio Ceramics, Utah State University. Pinhole Cameras, Scroll Containers, Telescope, Orrery and other pieces. Items were made of clay (soda fired), and included hand formed copper as well as other materials.

CV (Art)

1994  MFA, Utah State University, Logan Utah.
1992 San Jose State University California.
1989  West Valley College, Saratoga California.
1988  Extensive Travel in Asia, Australia, New Zealand.
1986  BA, Philosophy, University of California Santa Cruz.



Ham-ster, Dadaist / work on paper, (

Do It Yourself Art Kit, process art / work on paper, (

DIY Clay Whistles, comic book instructional handout, (


Cone 11, Forced Air Internet Audio Shows, (


Amphibious Grimm, haiku (

Virtual Tea Bowls with Internet G(l)aze,  fine art print, (

Digitally Fired Soda Mug and Digital Soda Glaze, online / commercial ceramic, (

Open Label Project, work on paper / community, (

T-Shirts for Potters, graphic on commercial T-Shirt, (

5 Buck Mug, cartoon and downloadable fine art print, ( and


The Elemental Series, ceramic / process art, (

Objectification of Art- Expository, process art, (

Throwing Instructions, comic book instructional handouts, (

Handbuilding Instructions, comic book instructional handouts, (

2002- Current

Containers of Information:  Art, Information, Ceramics, and You. started blog,


Prints On-Line, downloadable fine art prints, (

Untitled, downloadable fine art print, (

Convergence, performance art with online meaning, (

The Finality of Meaning, process art with online meaning,, (


Chocolate Fantasy, ring- metal, chocolate , Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis Oregon, group exhibition/auction


Chocolate Fantasy, ring box- ceramic, Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis Oregon, group exhibition/auction


1996 International Orton Cone Box Show, ring box- ceramic, Baker University, Baldwin City Kansas, group exhibition.


2x2x2, large box- ceramic, copper, Gallery Ten, Rockford, Illinois, group exhibition.
Willamette Ceramics Guild, ceramics, Footwise Store, Corvallis Oregon, groups exhibition.
In Recognition of Small Objects, ceramics, Corvallis City Hall, Corvallis Oregon, solo exhibition.
Fall Festival Artists, ceramics, Footwise Store, Corvallis Oregon, group exhibition.
First Annual Guild Open Miniature Show, ceramics, Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis Oregon, group exhibition.


Clay Art Gallery, picture of ceramics, San Diego State University Ceramics gopher, group exhibition.
*Free Art* for the Masses, The Jester, University of Pennsylvania, group exhibition.


Functional Spaces, ceramics multimedia, Utah State University, Logan Utah, MFA exhibition.
Student Show, ceramics, Utah State University, Logan, Utah , group exhibition.
Exploring Myths, The Jester in Gallery, paper, wood, Galleria Reservata, Utah State University, Logan Utah, group exhibition.
Celebrate the Arts!, ceramics, copper, Alliance for the Varied Arts, Logan, Utah, group exhibition.
Alternative Space Gallery Exhibit, Merrill Library Utah State University, Logan Utah, group exhibition.
The Jester,  ASCII email paper sculpture piece (alt.artcom, and others)


Boxes, Birdcages, Books, ceramics copper, Leftbank at Pierpoint, Salt lake City, Utah, group exhibition.
Utah '93: Crafts, ceramics copper Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt lake City, Utah, group exhibition.
New Artists and Students, ceramics copper, Utah Designer Crafts Gallery, Salt lake City, Utah, group exhibition.
A Book of Prints, hand pulled xerographic prints, shown by hand.


Eight Annual Invitational Exhibition and Silent Auction, ceramics, paint, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California, group exhibition.


Doing Time, clockwork, metal, cement, paper, San Jose State University Art Gallery, California, group exhibition.
The Practical Pot, ceramic, Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, California, group exhibition.
Here and There, ceramic, photography, San Jose State University, solo exhibition.

Publications (about my work)


"Winterlight Winternight" photo, Art Spirit November/December 1996


 "Winterlight '95", photo on cover, December 1995.  Art Spirit, Linn-Benton Council for the Arts.


"Artist Opens MFA Exhibit" Amy Rayl, October 21 1994, The Utah Statesman, Logan Utah.

"Hands of USU Ceramist make clay come o life," Derryl Acta, October 20, 1994, The Cache Citizen, Logan, Utah.

"'Celebrate the Arts' at AVA Gallery", and photo,  April 1, 1994, The Herald Journal, Logan Utah.


"Traditions vs innovation in the 'Year of the American Craft,'" Alice Brown-Wagner, July 11, 1993, The Salt lake Tribune, Salt lake City, Utah.

A Book of Prints, self published and shown.

Juror of Exhibitions;
1994 Box Elder High School Annual Art Show, Brigham City Utah.



Ceramic Today's Site of the Week.


Purchase Award, 1996 International Orton Cone Box Show, Baker University, Baldwin City Kansas, group exhibition.


Award of Merit, Celebrate the Arts! Alliance for the Varied Arts, Logan, Utah, group exhibition.


Best of Show, Student Show, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, group exhibition.
Noni Eccles Harrison Scholarship, Utah State University, Logan Utah.

Gallery Representation:

1996-2005 Corvallis Art Center Gift Shop, Corvallis Oregon


1994 Part Time Faculty, Beginning Ceramic handbuilding, Utah State University, Logan Utah.
Life Span Learning Instructor, Ceramics, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
Art History Teaching Assistant, Utah State University, Logan Utah.
193 Gallery Volunteer, Alliance for the Varied Arts, Logan Utah.

Workshops, Demonstrations, and Lectures:

1994 Hight/Low Art Workshop, Utah State University, Logan Utah.
1991 Throwing Demonstration, San jose State university, San Jose California.
1990  Lidded Container Demonstration, San jose State University, San jose, California.



Research Interests / Professional Development:


  • Authored article for Corvallis Macintosh Users Group Newsletter, Mouse Droppings, February 2003,"Hey, you gotta look at this..." An introduction to Blogs/Blogging.

  • Beta-tester for k-collector, May 2003. Knowledge management software for blogs.

  • Awarded Ceramic Today's Site of the Week. May 12th, 2003.

  • Created and published Ceramic Instruction handouts under Creative Common license.

  • 12/2002 Registered domain, utilizing Userland software, began weblog. Added T-Shirt sales, gallery, free art, instructional documents, creative commons licenses, ecommerce.

  • Multiple on-line art projects throughout the years. Most pieces available for free.

  • Participated in the 1994 Ceramics Virtual Exhibition; "Clay Art Gallery"; One of the earliest on-line ceramics exhibits. It was done not via the world wide web (HTML) but via gopher,

  • Traveled Asia, visiting 17 different countries including Japan, China, India, Nepal, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Bachelor of Arts Philosophy. University of California, Santa Cruz. Work based on natural language analysis. Thesis on analyzing the Vedic text, the Mundaka Upanishad.

Medical Informatics

  • Contributer to LinuxMedNews, a news site focusing on open source medical software.