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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Social Search

Micah Alpern's Blogsearch tool is the Ecosystem of Networks in action.  On the right margin of my homepage you can now search the web, this weblog and the weblogs I read.  Searching the web serves you without any of my context.  Searching this weblog lets you view the conversations I participate in with my social network and occasional findings outside it. 

Searching the weblogs I read lets you view the social network I have committed time to.  Where I spend my time is the most valuable of personal contexts.  When I subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog I am obliged as a daily reader to at least scan its posts. 

Over time I expect my subscriptions to grow to around 150 and forgive me if you are not in its present form.  How you spend your time and its contextual value is one of the greatest things you can share aside from your conversations alone.  I have been tempted to share this opml subscription list before through Jon Udell's Channel Roll, and may still do so, but this form of social search is a higher utility.  Try it.  Highly reccomended.

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Moblogging Conference
Adam Greenfield is kicking around the idea of a Moblogging conference in Shibuya Tokyo this summer.  I'd be interested in the business applications of Augmented Moblogging as well as extending the conference to folks who can't travel with a Mohappening.
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