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"Optimism is the truest form of moral courage"
-- Ernest Shackleton

I am the CEO of Socialtext, an emerging provider of Social Software Solutions that dramatically increase the productivity of employees and the value of knowledge assets in the enterprise. In other words, we make cool tools that help people get together and get work done.

Recently I formed the Blog-Network, a community of people who use or are interested in weblogs.

Most recently, I was VP of Marketing and Business Development at a Fujitsu spinout developing telecom software. Previously, I co-founded RateXchange (AMEX:RTX), the leading B2B exchange for telecom where I served as VP of Marketing, then COO and finally President. I also founded an ISP and a web design company; and served as marketing director for the largest privately held telecom group in Eastern Europe.

I am also a former advisor and speechwriter to the President of Estonia. That's where I met my wife and we now have two kids. I began my career in the non-profit sector in DC, doing development work in the Baltic States, which brought me to Estonia. If you haven't been there -- go

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