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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Checking In

Well, I'm still too broke to renew or pay for more space here. So for the time being, I'm blogging at The Temporary Squirrel. See you there.

Note: I actually posted this on 25 October but for whatever reason, it's showing up for 25 August. Not going to mess with troubleshooting right now. Just thought you should know.

1:41:17 PM    

Not Vanishing on Purpose

Well, after reinstalling Radio I seem to be out of space. And out of money to buy more space right now. (How the files that were re-uploaded can take up almost 5 MB more space than they did the first time is beyond me.)

I'm just hoping this brief message will post!


6:14:58 PM    

Thursday, August 04, 2005


  • Imagine trying this in the Majors! - Umpire Bans Youth Team From Speaking Spanish on Field

  • Let the punishment fit the crime - Student Sentenced to Vomit Cleanup

  • A rookie mistake - Police Dog Attacks Officer Instead of Suspect

  • Did anybody get any DNA samples?! - Unidentified Sea Creature Found After Typhoon

  • Duh! - Duwamish Crab, Fish Are Unsafe to Eat, State Warns

  • 8:44:40 PM    

    Thursday, July 28, 2005

    How Weird Are You?

    You Are 50% Weird

    Normal enough to know that you're weird...
    But too damn weird to do anything about it!

    12:31:29 PM    

    Friday, July 22, 2005

    A Bad Call

    Yuck! This is the ad that just showed up with the AP World News feed:

    ADV: Discreet Adult Personals at -----. Intimate, anonymous and millions of sexy singles. Register and browse 1000s of ads today then find a new lover tonight at!

    Guess I expected a bit more taste from a major news source.

    5:20:35 PM    

    Thursday, July 14, 2005

    Road Hazards!

    7/12/2005 - Highway construction by the Redondo Firestone Store,  Pacific Highway South at South 272nd, Kent, Washington - Photo by Carol Andrus

  • Again, but I Have an Excuse
  • Airborne Car Lands on Sleeping Man - photo
  • Another WhackMobile
  • Banned Driver Given Choice of Bail or Jail
  • Bear Roams Auto Dealership
  • Blingbling Pimp Car
  • Brazil Star Robbed During Interview
  • Bridge Raised for Tall Ships, Stays Up for the Birds
  • Bus Chiefs Slam the Door on Fraudsters and Fare Dodgers
  • Bush Begins Trip With a Thud, Crashing Bicycle Into Policeman
  • Car Covered in Computer Keys
          Homer Simpson Computer Key Car
          Computer Key Car Mosaic Maker Speaks Out!
  • Car-Crash Investigators Partner With Computers
  • Car Dealers Beware
  • Car Vs. Truck
  • Check the Rules Before You "Pimp" Your Ride
  • Chicken Little - another photo
          Chicken Little II
  • CPS Goal to Prevent Hot Car Deaths
  • The Daily Commute
  • D.C. Chief's Vehicle Snatched
          Ramsey Car Theft Generates Laughs, if Not Leads
  • Don't Box Me In
  • Driver Caught in Ticket Trap
  • Driver Remains Free After Killing Unborn Child in Car Crash
  • Drivers, Police Need to Know Laws
  • Drivers Put in Danger by Garages That 'Fail to Service Cars Properly'
  • Drivers to Take Orders From Fawlty
  • Driving and Throwing Cans at Highway Signs Do Not Mix
  • French Fry Holder
  • Garage Floor Collapses, Taking New SUV With It
  • Getting Quick Cash for Cars
  • Guided Buses Bump to a Halt
  • Hacking Up a Lung - or Two
  • Hooked!
  • 'Horrible, Horrible' Tragedy
  • How a Greer, SC Police Officer Witnessed for the Baptists
  • How to Buy a Used Car Without Getting Screwed
  • I-5 Speed Will Drop
  • Introducing... White Zombie!
  • Issues Thorny for Older Drivers
  • Jury Sends a Message in Case Involving Teen's Cell Use
  • Leave the Scene!
  • Life's Not Such a Gas for Men Who Fill Their Cars With Wrong Fuel
  • A Long Time Ago...
  • Man Swallows Key, Locksmith Uses X-Ray
  • Meanie Drivers
  • Messenger Family Celebrates Small Victories
  • 'My Ferrari's Too Slow'
  • New York's "Natural Wonder": Street Sinkhole
  • No Sign of a Line.. but That's Fine for Wardens
  • Now Arriving on Your Doorstep
  • Out of Control
  • Overnight Chase, Crash Injures Resident
  • The Parking-Building-Built-on-the-Stream's Cup Runneth Over
  • Parking Lots Paving the Way for Pollution
  • Police Cruiser, Car Crash Into House
  • The Power of 'Sorry'
  • Private Toll Roads
  • Public Service Announcement - Don't Be Stupid Like Smoochdog
  • Push Is on to Boost Use of Corn-Based Fuel in Vehicles, Well, Sort Of
  • Rancher to Stand Trial in Auto-Cow Fatality
  • Red-Light Cameras Stop Rolling in N.Va.
  • Roads and Rails
  • Schools Get Graphic on Safety
  • Secret CIA Conspiracy Revealed on Abandoned Car
  • Sinkhole Jams Traffic in Maryland
  • Slow Down, Triangle
  • A Small Tactical Nuke Is Called For, I Think
  • Special Courts Could Cut DUI Toll, Say Advocates
  • State Patrol Captain Saves Woman's Life in I-5 Crash
          'He Took It Upon Himself to Stop and Help Me'
  • Sunnyvale Traffic Signal Prankster on the Loose
  • Suspects Thought Police Couldn't Chase
  • SUV Rollover Ratings Show Improvements
  • Time to Watch How and What We're Driving
  • Traffic School Moves to the Web
  • Traffic Stop Reveals Body
  • Troopers Using New Laser Equipment to Catch Speeders
  • Trucking Industry Challenges Fingerprint Checks
  • Two Head-On Accidents Injure Several
  • 2 School Buses Involved in Wreck
  • Uninsured Cars Face Crusher
  • Vandals Ransack Cars in Everett
  • Walkway Failure Shuts Laurel Mall
  • Watching Out for Bumps
  • Were Turn Signals Optional for Your Car Model That Year??
  • White Cars a Hit for Bird Droppings
  • White Flash in Stoplights Meant to Get Drivers' Attention
  • Who Needs a Humvee When You've Got This
  • Why Not Just Flush Your Money Down the Toilet?
  • Wrong Tyre Pressures 'Hit UK Motorists for £1 Billion'

  • 12:35:22 AM    

    Sunday, July 03, 2005

    Red Lights, Black Boxes, and Buicks

    "What's next, a chip in our cars that tracks everything that we do wrong?" - Mark Stollenwerk

    Well, since you asked... Same newspaper, same day:

    The detective then removed the black box—actually silver, in this case—from the Buick's center console. The device helps deploy the car's air bags and monitors various systems. During a crash, it collects the last five seconds of data—ranging from the car's speed to its throttle position—and locks the information into its memory. Most General Motors and Ford vehicles carry such recorders. About 33 million cars on U.S. roads, or 15 percent, have them, according to the automotive industry. - Car-Crash Investigators Partner With Computers

    Of course, countering Mr. Stollenwerk's contention that red light cameras violate civil liberties, my thinking is that if you're out in public, you should assume witnesses! Whether or not the witness is a camera is incidental.

    Interestingly enough, the accident being investigated in the second article was caused by someone running a red light. I guess Mr. Stollenwerk will be more concerned about the rights of the driver who caused the accident (male, age 22—driving a Buick?!) than the rights of the victim, who was killed while following the rules. (Hmmm... Wonder if there was a red light camera in action at that intersection?)

    P.S. I will concede that I am prejudiced against Buicks. Used to have a job where I was driving about 300 miles a day. One thing I learned from that experience is that Buicks seem to influence their drivers into all sorts of strange and annoying antics on the road! Actually, speeding to beat a light is the most normal thing I've heard of in the realm of Buick Behavior! That car going 20 miles under the speed limit with the signal flashing even though they don't turn? Probably a Buick. Those folks who stop at every light—even if it's green? Probably a Buick.

    9:26:30 AM    

    Friday, June 24, 2005


    Politicians always call for "further information." And this time, I don't blame them. Further information would be helpful, all right. Too bad the paper didn't print any. - Ilyka Damen

    Why stupid people run the world - Principal Urges Teachers to Pass Failing Students

    Why stupid people run the world, part 2 - Should These People Be Voting

    Hear! Hear! - Smoke Smells: A Minor Rant

    This needs further investigation - My Little Bathroom Escapade

    For Jerry - Punny

    For Stuart (and Homer) - Over 200 Gallons of Animal Fat Spill

    For Julia - Slush: Noted in Passing

    For Marge Simpson - Brawny Man Takes to Web

    We've got rat runs in the U.S., just not a name for them - Call for Speed Bumps to Keep Out Rat Runners

    Another vocabulary lesson - No Chink in My Armour

    Spanish lesson - A Friday Cubanism

    I was talking recently to a family friend, a professional editor, about the essay section on the new SAT's. She suggested a reason for it that had not occurred to me: It gives the colleges an example of the student's writing that is guaranteed not to have been written by their parents. - Amanda Butler

    11:45:31 PM    

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    Consumer Retorts       Complaint Department - Closed

  • AARGH!! Lowe's
  • AOL's "Quit Now!" Incentive
  • Broken: American Airlines "Why You Fly" Contest
  • Broken TV Leads to Charges
  • Did I Ever Tell You How Much I Hate PG&E?
  • Happy Father's Day: Bank Rant
  • I Feel So USED!
  • I Want to Talk to a Person ...
  • Microsoft and Other Pains in the Butt
  • My Truck Story
  • 24 Hour Dipshits
  • What We Have Here, Is a Failure to Manage Customer Expectations

  • 3:18:54 PM    

    Saturday, June 18, 2005

    Road Hazards!

    6/05 - Traffic in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Photo by Rick Smith, AP.
  • £1.30 a Mile to Drive in a City at Rush Hour
          Drivers Could Be Tracked by Satellite & Taxed on Miles Driven Says DfT's Darling
  • ...and I Was Very, Very Scared
  • Part 1: The Anguish of Senseless Deaths
          Part 2: Lives Shattered by Recklessness
          Part 3: A Murky Picture
  • Are Cops Nostalgic for the Old Days?
  • Ban Young Male Drivers, Says Judge
  • Barred From the Long Haul
  • Big Drop in Number of Children Killed or Badly Hurt on Roads
  • Bike Path Signs Point the Way to Vision of a Car-Free Future
  • Biker Watches £10,000 Blown Away
  • Blunder Clears Motorist Accused of Doing 156mph While on Mobile
  • Bothell Man Arrested After Drive-By Shooting
  • Boy Band Run Over Fan
  • Boy, 3, Found Dead in Day-Care Center Van
  • Bucks Official's Free Gas Pass Fuels Questions
  • Bugging Device Is Just the Ticket for Abused Traffic Wardens
  • Cable Barriers Are Flawed Technology
          Trooper's Remarks Were Inappropriate
  • Call for Speed Bumps to Keep Out Rat Runners
  • Car Drives Into Skippers Restaurant
          Driver Leaves Edmonds Restaurant in Shambles
  • Climate Neutral Driving Gets in Gear
  • Cars in China: Dream Machines
  • Crash
  • Crashes Bring Call for Rail Crossing Upgrades
  • Decorative Freeway Walls Prompt Debate
  • Doesn't Anybody Else Drive the Speed Limit These Days?
  • Don't Say You Weren't Warned
  • Double Trouble: Man Hit by Ambulance, Cab
  • Drivers Angry as Unsafe Wall Closes Rat Run
  • Drivers Pay £1bn a Year for Parking
  • Drivers Stuck With Traffic Nationwide
  • Driving Instructor and Pupil Banned Over 'Drink' Lesson
  • Driving Me Crazy
  • Drunken Student Died in Prank With Store Trolley
  • E. Greenville Man Crashes Into Store, Takes Register
  • Ehrlich Decries Seat Belt Patrol
  • Fairness of D.C. Speed Limits Debated
  • Fire Closes 8-Mile Tunnel in France
  • 4 Teens Arrested for Throwing Eggs at Taxi
  • Free Metered Parking for Hybrid Cars
  • Girl, 6, Killed by Car While Trying to Save Turtle
  • The Give-Way Signs That Really Do...
  • Grid Schlock
  • How We Live: Metro Bus Stop, Third Avenue and Union Street, Downtown Seattle
  • Hurt Soldier Sues Over Stryker Seat-Belt Design
  • Hybrid Car Savings Don't Add Up
  • Identity Crisis
  • If You Had Any Doubts
  • 'I'm Still Angry for What He Did to Donny'
  • Learn to Drive
  • Litter Bins That Kept Crashing Into Things
  • Magnetic Ribbon Rebel
  • Man Dies in Head-On I-5 Wreck
  • Motorcyclist Lands in Bed of Pickup Truck After Being Hit by Vehicle on Route 19
  • Mr Whippy Flaked Out
  • My Truck Story
  • Mystery Road Metal Baffles Japan
  • No Legal Reason to License This...
  • Officer Runs Over Hit-and-Run Victim
  • Open Source DUI
  • Park and Glide!
  • PC Drove at 112mph So Girlfriend Could Get Home for a Sleep
  • Phones Distract Drivers; Slow Reaction Time
  • Plant Carbs Harnessed to Power Cars
  • Police Ticket Cars in Lieu of Teens
  • Polite People on the Metro? What?
  • Poor Parkers Face Getting Tickets If They Stray Too Far From the Kerb
          Third of Cars a Foot Out of Place
  • Rounders
  • Run! Run! Go Without Me!
  • Salt Lake County Changes Police Chase Policy
  • Schadenfreude? Alas, No. Anthropology.
  • Scot Killed After Falling Asleep in Road
  • Seven Peugeot Cars Spontaneously Catch Fire in Denmark
  • Starting the Weekend Off With a Bang (and a Crash)
  • Stuff Happens ...
  • Texas Fog Light Laws
  • TOO Funny!!
  • Towtruck Driver Finds Body Missed by Troopers in Rear-Ended Van
  • Traffic Control
  • 12 in Seattle-to-Vegas Rally Ticketed
  • Volvo Honors Local Hero With a New Car Every Three Years for Life
  • Ways to Smooth the Road When Driving Becomes Issue
  • What My Daddy Always Said
  • Whoa!
  • Wild Animals May Get Bridges to Cross I-90

  • 12:59:30 AM    

    Monday, June 06, 2005

    The Animal Quiz

    You're a Human!

    With extreme power comes extreme destructiveness, and you've had plenty of both to share with your peers. While you're capable of a great deal of beauty and joy, your skill in creating misery seems almost boundless at times. You've made a big fuss about how you're smarter than everyone else, but all they can see is how you've used those smarts for ill. At this point, your best hope is to turn to those around you and start caring about them. It would also be advisable to get rid of some of your stuff, and preferably not by throwing it away.
    Take the Animal Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

    Via Slat Rat

    11:18:06 AM    

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