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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Here are several papers (some via Lilia via McGee) that inform my thinking about the NewTool platform:

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Knowledge Work as a Process

Knowledge Work as a Process

Jim McGee says that the goals of most knowledge management efforts today harken back to Taylorism (scientific management) with onerous command and control ideas and language as opposed to an recognition that knowledge is embodied in humans and any "management" of knowledge must take this fact into account.

NewTool acknowledges the human synthesis of information into knowledge and of knowledge into knowledge and tries only to augment human capabilities to allow focus on the process of synthesis and creation:

This is a process that is fundamentally iterative. The loops in this process are feedback loops, not opportunities for streamlining. You don't improve this process by rearranging the steps or breaking them down into specialized tasks to be distributed. Nor are there opportunities to eliminate non-valued added steps. Improving the value of knowledge work calls for different strategies. Two that are worth exploring are to improve the infrastructure at the periphery and to eliminate friction.           [Is knowledge work improvable?, McGee's Musings]

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