The Ethics of Teaching
I teach introductory Computer Science at a community college in the San Francisco Area and these are my experiences, concerns, and ideas.

Books and Movies


The Book of the Dun Cow -- Christian allegory
The Confessions of Augustine -- Christian classic
The Cost of Discipleship -- Christian theology by Deitrich Bonhoeffer
The Fist of God -- military thriller about Operation Desert Storm by Frederick Forsyth
The Glass Bead Game -- future fantasy by Hermann Hesse (see also here)
The Human Factor -- espionage thriller by Graham Greene
The Jesuit -- historical fiction by John Gallahue
The Last Samurai -- novel about child-rearing by Helen Dewitt
Letters and Papers From Prison -- Christian writings by Deitrich Bonhoeffer
Narcissus and Goldmund -- historical fiction Hermann Hesse (see also here)
The Prince -- classic by Machiavelli
The Return of the Native -- historical fiction by Thomas Hardy
Scandalmonger -- historical fiction by William Safire


Le Cercle Rouge
Charlotte Sometimes
8 Women
The Emperor's Club
The Hours
Personal Velocity
Power and Terror
The Ring
Road to Perdition

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