Thursday, April 08, 2004

Got To Banish That Negativity

I'm sitting here sipping a Whitbread Pale Ale and trying to decompress. I'm trying to banish all of those thoughts and worries that come rushing at me like a noisy crowd, each one clamoring for attention. The beer's not doing the trick though. It'll take something with a little more crank to it to achieve that. I've got to slow things down so that I can think about one thing at a time. That's hard to do when you seem to be spending every waking minute of every day multitasking in the multithreaded existance. At least I'm off until April 19th and I'll be heading down to the Bahamas to do some scuba diving. I probably won't even start to relax until I'm in the air sipping a glass of wine. I've decided not to blog during this vacation. I've got to get away from my electronic virtual life for a while (not that I won't go through withdrawal without my Mac). Besides, with all that's going on in the world right now I'd only bring myself down. I've got to get rid of this negativity despite the latest news from Iraq. Some people taken hostage and threatened with being burned alive. Well, I said I wanted to get rid of this negativity so I'd better not comment on that. So, barring something unforeseen, I'll see all of you when I get back. In the meantime, as my old pal Jean Shepherd would say, "keep your knees loose."

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Does anyone besides me think that the Office Max commercial featuring the motivational poster is a hoot? I laugh everytime I see it, whereas the Jerry Seinfeld ads with Superman are starting to wear a little thin. Anyway, I offer this courtesy of for your approval:

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