Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nice meetup for last night's talk

I gave a talk last night at the ZPUG in DC.  In a nutshell, the talk was a gentle introduction to Paste and Deliverance.  Basically, I gave the kind of how-to-get-started that I would want to get, as a non-hardcore developer.

Turnout was good, but the atmosphere was even better.  Lots of discussions and questions at each step, frequently with the people discussing with each other.  There's a lot of interest in the topics of WSGI/eggs/Paste/middleware, and virtualenv/buildout/PyPI, and then how all the relates to particular frameworks like Zope and Plone.  My guess is that there is a pent-up demand for something like Repoze, which tries to take all those things people think they should get started on, and make it Just Work in the Zope/Plone world.

People really had some cool angles on how all this could shake out.  I really enjoyed the meeting.  Thanks to Alex Clark for organizing and Eric Coffman (and TNC) for hosting.

Regarding the material, I spent a bunch of time making progress on how to give a presentation and then have the material ready for good review afterwards.  Unfortunately, I still haven't found exactly the process that I'm looking for, but got a lot closer.

Plus, I know a lot more about Paste now. [wink]

Also in Repoze news, Chris and Tres had a talk last night in Chapel Hill, NC and one tonight in Charlotte, NC.

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