Monday, March 10, 2008

Deliverance and Repoze talks at Plone Symposium

Tres and I are going to the Plone Symposium at Penn State this week.

I'm giving a talk on Deliverance, aimed at a designer and integrator (versus core developer) audience. Tres is giving a talk on how our Zope2/Plone world matches up to the Python web frameworks world.
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Virtual hosting and the ghetto

Chris slays the VHM dragon. The people contributing to Repoze are helping to show the upside of WSGI and the benefits of getting out of our ghetto.

Lotta stuff going on in Repoze land these days.
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Joel gets insanely great review

I just read a review of Joel Burton's Plone training.

Despite its absurdly low cost, this course was the best open-source training I[base ']ve ever taken, and among the best classes I[base ']ve attended overall. The instructor possesses not only a mastery of the material, but he is also an excellent teacher, with a knack for drawing analogies to real-life experience, and interacting with and captivating the attention of large groups of students. I would not hesitate to recommend this class or others with this instructor. In fact, I would take the same class again, especially since I missed part of the five-day course. In addition, I would certainly be interested in more advanced courses taught by this instructor.

While those sound like strong words, they sound right to me. Joel is, indeed, insanely great at teaching.
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