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Feature: All About New Orleans:

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About cloudtravel

Cloudtravel offers distilations of travel itineraries based on on-the-ground experience at the destinations.  For several years web logs were posted here twice a week.  They commented on items relating to or subjects inspired by travel.  Larger articles and complete itineraries were added over time.  The content on this site is personal opinion rather than professional guidance.  The site is non-commercial in nature.  No commercial links have ever been accepted.  Cloudtravel is a leisure activity for this writer that may offer value for travelers researching the same destinations. 


This site began posting at the suggestion of early web logger Ernie "the Attorney" Svenson.  Cloudtravel went live in late 2001 with regular installments taking hold by early 2002.  The cloudtravel pages on Normandy and New Orleans were in high demand for some years, tracking at the tip of search engine queries concerning those subjects.  Since 2002 there has been a flowering of user-content travel reviews on the Internet that have changed the way many people research and rate travel options.  While travel blogging was in front of the adoption curve circa 2002, it is now commonplace providing more resources and many cascading points of view about any given city, restaurant or hotel.  With the productive rise of many other user reviews on the Internet, cloudtravel has downscaled.  Many of the core articles remain as archives, though they are growing dated.  For the purpopses of your trip and research cross reference with other timely sources is cordially advised.  


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