Welcome to PsychNotes/Psychscape. Random thoughts, ideas and comments about issues related to Psychiatry, Mental Health and Neuroscience.


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About Psychscape

Psychnotes (formerly Psychscape) is an experiment in using the weblog as a means of communication for issues of psychiatry, mental health and neuroscience (or whatever.) Most blogs that are out there are more like an individual's diary. I am hoping that this weblog will promote more communication and comments that are generated by the items posted or by some random thoughts.

So who is doing PsychNotes?

I am a Psychiatry Editor/Scientific Director and although there are lots of opportunities for interaction and communication, weblogs are a really interesting foray into a very different style of communication that will certainly evolve in many different directions over the next few years.

From time to time I will invite guest columnists or bloggers to share their thoughts or wisdom with us. If you have suggestions, feel free to drop me a note.

Let's see where this takes us...


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