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[ best random acts of alex ]

Here's where I'll post links to what I think are the best posts to this website.  Either they were particularly funny, insightful, or seemed to generate the most interest from people who visit this site.  Other than this list, you can always click on specific dates in the calendar on the right of the screen on almost every page (except this one).


  • London Trip Re-cap (3-18-2003): What happened in short.
  • London Part II:  The Sequel (10-14-2003):  The story of my second trip to London this year.
  • Un Jour a Paris (11-16-2003):  First trip to Paris.
  • Hitting the Rails (11-22-2003):  I go on the choo-choo.
  • London the Third Time Around (11-30-2003):  Radiohead and English Premiere League Football.  What more could you want?
  • Flying The Unfriendly Skies & The Perils Of Traveling Internationally With An Ungrateful Cat (1-04-04):  My cat and I deal with United Airlines and German pet laws.
  • France for Dummies (03-20-04):  How I show a girl a good time in the land of the Frenchies.
  • Lost in London (03-29-04):  Yet another London story.  This time I'm not alone.
  • Visiting Trier (6-15-04):  Germany's oldest city and the home of Karl Marx.  Doesn't get much better.  
  • Brussels, Belgium (7-04-04):  My mom and I head up north for some waffles.
  • Cruising the Rhine (7-06-04):  Up and down a pretty nifty stretch of river.
  • Interlaken, Switzerland (7-07-04):  Great scenery, bad weather, and no camera.
  • Trier, Germany (07-08-04):  Went back to Trier -- this time with mom.
  • London.  Again.  (07-12-04):  The last few days of my mom's visit to Europe.
  • Otra Vez Trier (07-21-04):  Once more with feeling.
  • Revisiting the Rhine (07-23-04):  Much nicer weather the second time around.
  • Paris in Late July (07-30-04):  Marcela and I are Americans in Paris.
  • Hiking Around Heidelberg (08-01-04):  Trip to the home of the oldest university in Germany.
  • Neuschwanstein (08-10-04):  A daytrip to Germany's fairytale castle.

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