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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

There have been cool reax to the live blog by Dave Winer last night.  Particular thanks not only to Dave but also to Donna for her running commentary, Dan Bricklin for his photos, Derek Slater for carrying the banner of the Harvard undergraduate community (even though we like to think of him as part of the Berkman/HLS community), Frank Field for his insightful commentary on what it means for education and to everyone else who came, blogged and continues to write about it.  There's something happening here and it's quite cool to watch.

So what actually is happening here at Harvard with blogs?  In truth and fairness, we don't really know.  It's an experiment -- highly decentralized, entrepreneurial in the non-profit and academic sense, meant to be edgy in its way, meant to be disruptive in the sense of bringing people and ideas together in new ways.  Here are two good things that could come of it, from where I sit at the Berkman Center: we could play a small role in helping: 1) people at Harvard start connecting better through blogs, sharing ideas within and without the university, and using cyberspace as a venue for those late-night dorm conversations that Frank Field wrote about; and 2) some profs start using blogs in the classroom.  The idea, it seems to me, that students could keep journals (blogs) throughout a term as an assignment, with an emphasis on engaging with other bloggers (students and non-students, perhaps) who are thinking about similar ideas, could be terribly powerful.

The only thing we know for sure is that *something* is happening, and that's good. 

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