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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Red Hat Magazine is Introducing Fedora Core 6. "Fedora Core is here (and his name is Zod)."
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In MacBook Shutdowns: Case (Finally) Closed?, Harry McCracken documents his trials and tribulations with getting his MacBook fixed. Apple doesn't seem to have been very forthcoming in admitting there was a problem. It appears the problem was with a defective sensor in a heatsink, but initial repairs were replacing the heatsink and the motherboard. Thousands suffered. Rumor mills flourished. Even a class-action lawsuit was started. It's so much better to get ahead of the press in admitting you've discovered a problem than to leave users in the dark. Some people get cranky.

Apple shipped their new MacBookPros this week, with Core 2 Duo processors, right along with Lenovo showing the Core 2 Duo CPUs on their ThinkPads. Which to pick? The "Think Different" company that make beautiful machines, or the tried-and-true-Blue Thinkpads? Sure, both ThinkPads and Macs burst into flames. It's not how you fail that matters, it's how you recover. (Links via Dan Gillmor's Blog)
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Instead of displaying an ugly and intimidating page of XML when visitors click on the RSS feed icon on your site, provide them with an easy to read page that tells them what RSS is, how to work with it, and display the posts in your RSS feed in readable form. It's relatively easy to do by using a little XSL to style the display of the RSS. In "Working XML: Serve friendlier RSS and Atom feeds, " Benoit Marchal shows how.
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