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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Microsoft warns of new Word attack. "There's now one more reason to be careful about opening Microsoft Office attachments." By Robert_McMillan@idg.com (Robert McMillan).

Hmmm. Wonder how to avoid this?
  1. Don't open an untrusted attachment.
  2. There are no trusted attachments.

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I installed HylaFAX yesterday on a Fedora Core 4-based staging server, in preparation for installing on-site at a client. Installation was pretty easy, thanks to the clear RTFM provided on the website's documentation links. Then, I needed to test remote access to the server, so I installed PDFCreator and WinPrint HylaFAX, a Windows printer driver that prints to the HylaFAX server, on a WinXPPro workstation and confirmed I could create PDFs and "print" a fax directly out of Windows. Again, installation was pretty easy and configuration straight-forward. Now, to figure out where the errors could crop up - network disconnection, bad fax numbers, no answer - and ensure I understand where they appear and how to notify the operators about them.
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