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Friday, January 30, 2009

I wanted to call your attention to a fairly new section on OTN about ADF Patterns and Best Practices. Just yesterday I found David Giammona's January 2009 document there on:

 to be very helpful to something I was working on.

3:02:07 PM    

I often find it handy to use JDeveloper 11g's SQL worksheet toolbar menu to quickly pop open a window where I can play with SQL statements. As shown in the screen shot below, the toolbar button pops down to show you all your IDE-level database connections, as well as application resources database connections for open workspaces. After you pick which connection you want to work with, a SQL Developer worksheet window opens for you to experiment with.

One frustrating thing, if you happen to use the SQL worksheet for quick SQL testing like I do, is that when you're done with your experiments and close the window JDeveloper prompts you to save the file. In my usage pattern, I almost never want to save the contents, so this always meant more clicks that I wished I didn't have to make.

I wanted to share a tip I learned recently about an IDE-level tools preference below that comes to the rescue if you happen to use the SQL worksheet this way. After choosing {Tools | Preferences...} select the Database > Worksheet Parameters section and uncheck the Prompt for Save file on Close checkbox. Voila! No more nagging when you close the worksheet.

3:00:15 PM    

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