History of JDeveloper Releases

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History of JDeveloper Releases

From time to time I'm asked about when certain releases of JDeveloper appeared. I figured I'd document them on this blog so I had something to point people to in the future.

A brief history of JDeveloper releases appears below. Some of the older releases can still be downloaded from the JDeveloper Archives page on OTN.

Release Date Comments
N/A 1994-1996 Internal research and prototyping on component-based, object-oriented development environment using C++, Object Basic, CORBA, Oracle8 object types, and Java. (Project Sedona)
N/A 1997 Development, internal alpha, and internal beta releases of Java Business Objects (JBO) framework. Later would be renamed to Business Components for Java (BC4J) before first public version.
JDeveloper 1.0 Mar 1998 Initial JDeveloper version appears.
JDeveloper 1.1 Sep 1998 Maintenance release of 1.0
JDeveloper 2.0 Apr 1999 Offered a new database access layer an initial release of the BC4J framework, whose capabilities were hidden from users and which was used in a purely metadata-driven way, minus any ability to customize the behavior with Java.
JDeveloper 3.0 Nov 1999 Added the full BC4J framework that users could use for the first time and had some better web application development support.
JDeveloper 3.1 Apr 2000 Maintenance release of 3.0
JDeveloper 3.2.2 Nov 2000 Maintenance release of 3.1
JDeveloper 3.2.3 May 2001 Last release using any Borland code.
JDeveloper 9.0.2 May 2002 Used the new IDE shell and introduced better JSP support. UIX appears for the first time as well as our Visual UML Modelling tools. First release using Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) as the integrated web server.
JDeveloper 9.0.3 Oct 2002 Added support for Struts and better tag library features.
JDeveloper 9.0.4 Mar 2004 Maintenance release for 9.0.3. Upgraded to use JDK 1.4.
JDeveloper 10g 9.0.5 Apr 2004 Added the ADF framework for better plug and play of diverse front-ends into diverse back-ends with a standards-based data binding layer, along with new visual editors for JSP and UIX, along with more modelers. BC4J is rebranded as "ADF Business Components" as part of this new family of pluggable facilities under the "ADF" umbrella.
JDeveloper 10g 10.1.2 Jan 2005 Maintenance release for with minor enhancements in some ADF Business Components design time panels
JDeveloper 10g Aug 2005 Maintenance release for 10.1.2 (Build 1913)
JDeveloper 10g Jan 2005 Preview of IDE and J2EE Enhancements
JDeveloper 10g Sep 2005 Early Access 1 Release. Full 'Studio' release including new ADF runtime and design time functionality.
JDeveloper Oct 2006 Maintenance release for 9.0.4 (Build 1471)
JDeveloper 10g Jan 2006 First production release of JDeveloper/ADF 10.1.3 (Build 3673)
JDeveloper 10g Oct 2006 Maintenance release for 10.1.2 (Build 1929)
JDeveloper 10g Oct 2006 Maintenance release of JDeveloper/ADF 10.1.3, with improved JEE 5.0 support and better SOA/BPEL tools. (Build 3984)
JDeveloper 10g Jan 2007 Maintenance release of JDeveloper/ADF 10.1.3, with improved JEE 5.0 support, better SOA/BPEL tools, and new WebCenter JEE Portal building features. (Build 4066)
JDeveloper 11g May 2007 Technology Preview Release of JDeveloper/ADF 11g, with many, many new features. (Build 4524)
JDeveloper 10g Jul 2007 Maintenance release of JDeveloper/ADF (Build 4157)
JDeveloper 11g Sep 2007 Technology Preview 2 Release of JDeveloper/ADF 11g. (Build 4684)
JDeveloper 11g Dec 2007 Technology Preview 3 Release of JDeveloper/ADF 11g. (Build 4796)
JDeveloper 11g May 2008 Technology Preview 4 Release of JDeveloper/ADF 11g. (Build 4949)
JDeveloper 10g Jul 2008 Maintenance release of JDeveloper/ADF (Build 4270)
JDeveloper 11g Oct 2008 JDeveloper/ADF 11g Production Release (Build 5156)
JDeveloper 11g Dec 2008 JDeveloper/ADF 11g Production Maintenance Release (Build 5188)
JDeveloper 11g Apr 2009 JDeveloper/ADF 11g Production Maintenance Release (Build 5205)
JDeveloper 11g Jul 2009 JDeveloper/ADF 11g Production Release (Build 5407) as a part of first production release of the complete Fusion Middleware 11g suite including BPEL and WebCenter
JDeveloper 10g Aug 2009 Maintenance release of JDeveloper/ADF  (Build 4306)

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