Setting the Record Straight on Oracle and NetBeans

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Setting the Record Straight on Oracle and NetBeans

Sun seems to have begun spreading the word that Oracle is "backing" or "endorsing" NetBeans. While I'm flattered that they see the need to create market confusion about JDeveloper as a worthy competitor, their claims are simply not true. Since users have begun to ask me about it through email, I'll use this page to collect links to stories related to setting the record straight on this.

Oracle is still firmly behind JDeveloper, and is even leading a few open source projects in the Eclipse community, but has no plans to endorse or use NetBeans technology. Hopefully, Sun will soon stop spreading this incorrect information.

Oracle's official comments on the matter appear in a Q & A with Thomas Kurian on OTN:

and in Larry Ellison's comments in an article about the recent Sun/Oracle event on Java cooperation:

Other places I've read about this around the web include:

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