Friday, October 03, 2003

The debate's over, I'm looking for a new code project. My criteria are: 1) It has to incorporate the new buzz from Longhorn, 2) It has to be a short-term development project, and 3) It has to have broad market appeal (e.g. not a code tool).

It would be ideal to find a contest or some place to submit my work once it's done. So many times the last year I've wanted to drop everything and do a contest. Now it seems they're all over and the prizes handed out. Here are the ones I've found that are still open:

.net Framework win forms Be cool like Chris Sells and be a "Code Hero"

a1vbcode Tiny outfit, but they run a contest monthly which gives you more chances.

GotDotNet User Samples This is not a contest, but there is a nifty ratings system. Probably more for code snippet audience anyway.

If you can think of any more sites like this, let me know!

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