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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Judge backs EDS protest. An administrative law judge recommended that North Carolina officials cancel the award of a Medicaid system contract. [ RSS Feeds]
7:20:38 PM    

Attorney General Abbott Files First Texas Lawsuit for Violation of Spam Laws. Internet service providers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and private citizens cooperate to track the origin of spam. [GT News]  
1:20:39 PM    

XML deal inked for responders. DHS and the Emergency Interoperability Consortium formally agreed to jointly develop XML standards for emergency response. [ RSS Feeds]
12:34:02 PM    

Retail CIOs Demo RFID Prototypes. Speaking to an overflow crowd at the National Retail Federation's Redefining Retail show, the CIOs of Wal-Mart, the Metro Group and Tesco performed live demonstrations of their RFID operations. In one case, it showed more of RFID's weakness than had been intended. [eWEEK Technology News]
11:02:01 AM    

VoIP Security a Moving Target. Telecom managers will have their hands full securing a VoIP network. Experts say layered security is the best way to protect it. [Computerworld News]
11:01:29 AM    

No passing grade for tech ed reform. In Washington, CNET's Declan McCullagh wonders why tech CEOs' proposals to improve U.S. education are so modest. [CNET]
11:01:15 AM    

Monday, January 17, 2005

New e-gov manager named. Stacie Higgins will oversee the government-to-government portfolio for OMB's e-gov office. [ RSS Feeds]
1:35:26 PM    

Hawaii charts with SmartDraw. The state's Department of Accounting and General Services chose SmartDraw business graphics software for mapping internal workflow processes. [ RSS Feeds]
1:35:13 PM    

Indiana bill targets municipal broadband. The measure would crimp Indiana municipalities' ability to set up their own communications facilities. [ RSS Feeds]
1:34:48 PM    

Google wants 'dark fiber'. Job listing spotlights vague plan to develop global fiber backbone. But why? [CNET]
10:36:57 AM    

Circuit City's New IT Approach to Customer Service. The $10 billion retail chain is looking at virtual sales reps via wireless headphone, RFID-enhanced loyalty cards and CEO phonecalls to checkout aisles. A new approach indeed. [eWEEK Technology News]
10:36:17 AM    

Business Technology: A New Way Of Thinking About IT. The IT community--the companies that make all this incredible IT stuff, and the companies that buy it--must shift their focus from the stuff itself to the processes, transformations, and other innovations that the stuff can support. (Part 1 of a three-part series.) [InformationWeek RSS]
10:35:29 AM    

Tougher Challenges Ahead for Local and State Governments. 'Linear analysis will get you a much-changed caterpillar, but it won't get you a butterfly. For that you need a leap of imagination.' [GT News]
10:34:58 AM    

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ex-GAO Director Joins Gartner As Gov't Research Director. McClure served as director for IT management issues at what is now known as the Government Accountability Office, the investigative and audit arm of Congress. [InformationWeek RSS]
10:08:29 AM    

Linux in Government: Planning for Open-Source Application Deployments. Linux desktop releases will be fast and furious in 2005. Here are some suggestions of what to do now so your office or agency can take advantage of them. [Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community]
10:07:49 AM    

Friday, January 14, 2005

IT Budgets Increase; CIOs Shop For Tools to Help Grow Businesses. Chief information officers plan to spend a bit more than last year on technology, but their focus has shifted from products that will help control costs to those that can help companies grow their business. [InformationWeek RSS]
4:34:40 PM    

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Report: FBI may have to scrap new computer program. The FBI is convinced that the Virtual Case File software wouldn't work as planned and has already taken steps to start soliciting outside proposals for new software, according to the Los Angeles Times. [Computerworld News]
7:42:39 PM    

Intel Enters Municipal Wireless Debate. Advocates of municipal wireless gain powerful ally as Intel Corp. announces its opposition to legislation, such as that recently passed in Pennsylvania, that would turn over the future of municipal broadband services to incumbent local carriers. [eWEEK Technology News]
7:41:49 PM    

Connecticut Governor Creates Geospatial Council. "We must have the technology to create maps and informational profiles about any specific area" [GT News]


12:08:52 PM    

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