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Ore no Buloggu
Aloha and Konichiwa! Thanks for visiting. Take off your shoes, sit down and relax. These are my stories on tech stuff, life in Tokyo for a Japan-born+L.A. raised+lived in Hawaii half my life braddah, GAMES!, Shirley-chan and our adventures(in no particular order .. ofcourse).

Monday, March 15, 2004


Moved my blog to blog.oreno.org, but not my comments yet ....
Haven't designed it either. Default MT templates. Wireframing a new layout.

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Tool and Time split

I'm moving things around and experimenting. Trying to figure out how my moblog, blog, and wiki will fit together. Also, thinking about how to split my time, and where/when/how to use each tool. Here are some quick thoughts on how I currently use these tools and the next steps:

  • moblog for capturing moments in realtime. Use my keitai's camera to take a close up shot to remind me of that moment. The shot needs to be close up since the photos are at 120px X 120px. Need to upgrade my phone to play with other moblogging features such as GPS, and larger photos. Hopefully end up with an AU A5403CA ... 2 megapixel beauty.
  • blog - migrate and learn MT. Redesign. Explore CSS and Perl. Play with plugins, and hopefully make some simple experiments. Stop blogging about blogging, and redesigning. Just do it. Keep my current Radio, but copy it over to my own hosting . Got my MT up and moved most of my posts over. I'm gonna keep posting here until I get things straightened out w/ MT. The new URL I'm pushing things to is blog.oreno.org, and this design will goto blog.oreno.org/radio.
  • wiki - keep adding to it. Hopefully other like minded people will join in. CSS it. Currently dumping things I learn at work.

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Monday, February 16, 2004

To MovableType or Not

My Radio Userland blog is about to expire. Wow, I've been blogging for a year now. How time flies. Radio Userland is nice, but one thing that I don't like is that I have to use a certain PC to post. I would like a tool where I can post from anywhere ... enter MovableType. Some things that are pushing me toward MT are: I'm learning Perl, it's free, alot of customization options, many plugins. Oh, and Ke-Ta's subtle nudges ;)

Regardless of tool I'm glad that I blogged 2003's experiences. I was just discussing with a friend how I liked to visit my past blog posts. It's kind of neat how memories flood back. Addicting.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

TWiki - wiki.oreno.org

Please join me at a new wiki setup with the TWiki engine. The URL for it is wiki.oreno.org, and following in the WikiCulture, it's editable by ANYONE.

Wikis are collaboration spaces on the net. A place where anyone can join, and add their knowledge. This collection eventually evolves, refactors, and grows. (I hope I'm using this word correctly)

At first I hesitated at the fact of enabling the wiki to be updated by anyone, but after reading through the ideas behind wikis I was able to put the hesitation to rest. Please feel free to add your thoughts, comments, edit, and refactor away. All pages have an edit link on the bottom, which will enable you to do your thing.

Since it's a shared open environment, I am starting to think that it should be protected under some type of Creative Commons license. Something that will protect all who participate, and give credit where credit is due.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Orkut, It's Faster Than Friendster

I am having fun with Orkut (Thanks for the invite Kentaro!). It's just so much faster than Friendster. When I first started to use Friendster, the simple pleasure I got from adding friends was enough to ignore the slow site. But after awhile it just seemed to take forever. With Orkut, I logged in, updated my profile, added a bunch of friends, joined a couple of communities, shared some karma, and even started to organize groups of friends/acquaintances. All within about an hour.

I wonder why they used .Net stuff for Orkut. Maybe they setup a new Google cluster based on Micro$oft technology.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More Social Networking tools

Orkut - Social networking service by Google. (Found via Gen Kanai's blog)
PLINK - People Link, mapping out social networks using FOAF files. (Found via Ke-Ta) (Link to my PLINK profile)

More reads:

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Search Engine Relationship Chart

via Gen Kanai's blog post. Very nice Flash piece that maps out the U.S. Search Engine space. Here's a chart that maps out the Japanese Search Engine space.

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New Half Vs Janet's Nipples

I didn't get a chance to watch the SuperBowl again :( And didn't get a live thriller of Janet's nipple ring. The New Half's nipples are nicer ;)
Found via Justin's Links

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

New Half show Kabukicho

New Half Show in Kabuchicho, ShinjukuI had an interesting Friday evening. Met up with friends from Hawaii that were on a business trip, and some in the group were interested in going to a gay bar in Shinjuku.

It wasn't a bar, but a show performed by good looking New Halfs. No ... it was a burlesque put on by Beautiful Women!?! If the show was put on in public, I could see a crowd that would never suspect of the sexual origins of these gals. The show reminded me of a burlesque I saw in Paris, but I was more impressed by the heart that they put into the show.

Located in the seedy Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, where the sex industry is in your face, we entered the underground joint. When we first entered, the size and layout reminded me of a strip club in Honolulu. We got there as a show just ended, and had about an hour before the next. Drinks were flowing and the New Half ladies came out to mingle with the crowd. I had to ask Aya, tall young and sexy, what a New Half was. She seemed kind of shy or embarassed, and didn't answer the question. I decided to make small talk and asked her where she was from. Found out that it was very close to me, so mentioned Ogikubo. She replied, "that's where I had my balls cut." ... "I feel much lighter now."

The show started and we found out that she has a pair of tits too. I couldn't see any hint of a man in her. Spooky. The other girls that we didn't meet were just as beautiful. It's amazing what a snip, and some silicone can do.

New Half number oneNew Half number two

Other reads:

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