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Saturday, January 31, 2004

I have these two guys flirting with me which is great and I love the attention although I'm not known for noticing it have the time..usually you'd have to hit me over the head but I've noticed both of these guys and I like both of them - how to pick and choose? I like both of them, both I find extremely more....ah the art of flirting and dating and being attracted to two different men......


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Thursday, January 29, 2004

New riddle..

3 men go to a hotel. The total cost of the room is 30.00, each man gives the clerk 10.00. The clerk then realizes that he overcharged the men for the room and gives 5.00 to the bell boy to give back to the men, the bell boy doesn't know how to split the 5.00 three ways, so he gives each man back a dollar and keeps two where did the last dollar go?

I have some curious question in general on this riddle(none of which help me figure out this riddle)

  1. why did three men go to a hotel
  2. why did they only rent one room
  3. and where can I find a hotel with a bell boy that only charges 25.00 for a room

any thoughts..I have no me..

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I think I'm losing my mind or something..I know I know how to do this but for some reason this week its beyond my is what I'm trying to do, I have an Excel Spreadsheet and the formula in one cell is:


but if the sum of those two cells is NULL then I want to have the cell be blank instead of a that possible?

I tried =sumif(A15, ">1", A15*F15) but that didn't work(which makes me think I don't know how to do a SUMIF command in Excel.  So I was thinking that maybe I needed to use a VBScript to make it work an IF..THEN Statement or an IFNULL Statement but got lost on how to do that..I haven't used VBScript in so long..any help out there? thanks in advance......

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

To keep my white board at work free of other people trying to erase something and write whatever they want on my board and sort of to have people get to know me a little better, I put up a couple of riddles..see if you can guess the answers: (they are not related riddles)

1. What is the best way to lose weight and relieve stress?

2. When asked this question, 80% of kindergartens got the answer right compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors and 3% of adults.


Its greater than god, more evil than the devil

The Poor have it, the Rich need it,

and if you Eat it, you will die?

3. 3600S.NAH

(I need help with this one..a 7th grader asked me if I could solve the mystery..his science teacher gave it to him, he is currently studying sex education in science..which may or may not have anything to do with the answer...a clue though...3600 of S in a H..or 3600 of S. N A H)

4. B4 square root of u RU/16

Have fun..I know the answers to all but #3..anyone want to help me otherwise I have to ask the kid what the answer is

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

For most of the week you will be able to make quite a bit of progress. Venus opposes Jupiter, and both are aspected by Mercury, which means that you have many opportunities to do deals, sign contracts, negotiate a good sale, and also to earn yourself plenty of extra cash. If you need to make an impression, try entertaining at home, which will work very well for you. Property deals of all kinds continue to look well starred, and with a great aspect between Mercury and Jupiter, you stand to make a good profit. If you are dating, things look quite bright for much of the week. Those you mix with may be able to help you with your job, or perhaps to give some great tips and advice. You may even fall in love with someone associated with your career, who understands the trials and traumas that you have to go through. But do take care that you don't make someone else very jealous. Venus squares Pluto on Sunday, and this could bring things to a head - you might expect a showdown of one kind or another. If you need to discuss funding, or need more credit, get in contact with the right channels early on, and you will probably be successful.
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A new beta version of Technorati is up. David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, explains the new redesign:

"We focused 100% of our time on completely refurbishing our underlying event engine - essentially taking a volkswagen engine out and putting a Ferrari engine in."

Check it out! (Hat tip: Jeff Jarvis)

[The Tweezer's Edge v3]

I checked it out and found New York Diary has a link for me for blogging tips....I completely forgot about Technorati..great site..nice to see who is linking to you..

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

I woke up this evening thinking about some of the stuff I write on here and people from work that I know read this blog every once in a while..

  • one person has my about me page set as her favorite..which sort of scares me
  • one person, I told him about this blog, but I doubt he reads it that much
  • a couple of people, i mentioned it but then had to explain a blog, so I doubt they have even looked at it
  • one person reads it every once and awhile and makes references to newbies or things he knows I'm stressed about
  • and one person, I honestly don't remember telling him the name of the blog, but he is internet savy enough to have done a search on my name and probably found it that way and he occasionally comments verbally on posts

now none of these people every leave comments which I'm kinda of curious why not but that's post in itself. (my mom never does either)

but I've been afraid to post things about them in a general way because I didn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt until the other day when I hated my job..I realized that this is my blog, I realized its out here in the public on the internet for everyone to see but it belongs to me and this is where I vent, ramble, get excited, share my thoughts and feelings and meet great people (who actually comment) I guess what I'm saying is this is a disclaimer to anyone who reads this blog that I work with.....please comment on the blog instead of taking it personally. I don't want to be hinder in writing on my blog just because you know about it and read it every once in a while. Or start your own blog and share your thoughts about me. (i can give you some great newbie tips :) )

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testing new wireless more mcafee firewall..yeah!!!!

I checked the discussion board before setting up this router...thanks Jake, found the information on how you setup your router......

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Today was a great desk is almost cleaned off, my office is looking good..I got the water zen fountain up and running, posters are up, cleaned up all the junk left over from previous controller, cleaned up alot of the accounts left over from the previous controller, won the battle, put up riddles on my white board..and I only worked from 8 to midnight...oh yea, and I came home to work for a little while..its warmer here..but had to blog first..oh yea, did I mention I won the battle..really never mess with a stubborn taurus women...hehe..

even better..getting flirtatous signals from 4 guys..doing good what do I do with them?

boxers or not..what's your favorite?

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Today I really hated my new job..I hated the attitude of someone at my new job..being the manger of admin which has basically evolved into the controller of the company and trying to make good changes..I ran into a problem. I want to switch banks..get a better deal with a local bank and have more options with a small local bank and not have to drive in Martinez to bank which is nowhere near our I don't like Citibank very much. Last week, the new guy was all gung ho about the idea and wanted to go with, he refuses to listen to the idea..the potential good that will come from switching banks, the option of having a purchasing card, better interest rates, a bank statement I can read just to name a few I ask him today in a mangement/financial meeting..I thought since we were working together as a team that as a team we could all make a decision together...he told we weren't switching banks that it had come from the top, I asked who from the top, he said that it was final..which makes me think, it didn't come from the top..its his decision..not a team decision..I really wanted to leave today. I've checked with my boss in Sweden..and they don't care who we bank with as long as we follow group policy about 2 signatures on every check..but I am doublechecking that fact tonight.

I felt like this new guy..just didn't give a shit about my opinion. I don't like being shutdown for no apparent reason. I also don't understand this guy's issues..if he doesn't get accounting principles then he should go buy a book..accounting 101, accounting for dummies..something instead of pulling everyone into a meeting to tell to us he wants the profit and loss color coded and categorized (which adds more work to my plate) and he wants to define in his mind how recognized and deferred revenue work..we all knew how it worked, we tried to explain it several times in several different ways..graphs, charts, spreadsheets..

Today was a bad day..I really really wanted to just quit. 95% of the time I love this new job but lately, it seems as though my opinions do not matter. He keeps telling me how we are going to be doing the finances..I thought that was my job? I also manage the office and the IT, except he keeps telling me how to do that part of my job and then takes over anyways..what is the point of me being there if I can't make the decisions for my depts? and really did we need a new microwave, no.. I'm tired and feel like he doesn't listen and what is the point then?

Tomorrow should be better, he won't be there.

 if you happened to be the person that pissed me off and are reading this..this is me least I have a healthy way of venting..side note, in general I like this guy..he has backed me up on occasion to the head guy for the group, he has some great ideas to improve things and make money..but today he pissed me
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I have never like to exercise that much..and I really don't like going to a gym why did I go for this 3 month free gym me..thought it might movitate me to get I thought ok, I'll go really late to the gym when no one is around...that proved to be scarier than going during the day..I am such a I drove pass the gym tonight and then came straight least I got closer than normal :)

So tomorrow my resolve is just to go during lunch get signed the tour thingy, get a least the schedule of classes and see if my freaky shy side of me will get the nerve to actually go inside gym at least a couple of times a week..

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Monday, January 19, 2004

couldn't find her (wubbie) last night...she normally doesn't put herself in bed

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

I joined the national body challenge a week ago and have started on a new diet plan where I eat something every 3 hours which is new to me, I'm not usually that hungry..but instead of my body storing fat when I eat because I'm not eating enough, my body in theory should start using the fat that I have for energy because I'm eating every 3 hours or so..

I thought I'd share my ongoing diet, my meal plans and the recipes and have a daily log of my ups and downs via a new category: Body Challenge Diet

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from The Hermit's Bid: I wonder about this class of people, who apparently troll the discussion topics for ones that pertain to an area they know about, and then dive in when they see a chance. It calls to mind an image of Saint Bernards, whiffing about for the snowbound.

My comments:
If we trolls didn't troll the discussion board, you would never get any help. Volunteers or so called trolls are the ones that answered your questions. I personally didn't because I didn't like the attitude of the questions being asked. 

I like to help other people and check the discussion boards every couple of days, because when I was a newbie starting was hard and I've created alot of newbie tips and want to offer advice for anyone that is frustrated.

However when you don't supply your blog url or if you are using a mac/pc..then you make our job harder and if you are rude about asking for help, well then us trolls tend not to want to help.

And this class of people that reminds you of a saint bernards whiffing about the snowbound, you my dear are also in that class of people, you are a blogger.

Which bring me to a question why is it so hard for a newbie users to

  1. supply their blog url? what are they afraid of? someone is going to read their blog?
  2. tell us if they are using a Mac or a PC?
  3. and if they are asking for help, try the advice...give feedback on the advice

We trolls aren't mind readers. I know I've asked these question before but its like pulling teeth trying to get someone's blog url out of them. I'm a visual person, I need to see what your doing on your blog before I can see what your doing wrong or what you might need help with..

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

I think I finally somewhat rested..I took today off..slept most of the day, only worked on two little things and of course checked my emails, went to the doctor and then the chiropractor - migrane is gone - just needed a little neck tweaking, bought my new 24" flat screen tv, made my 4 little meals for tomorrow and off to bed soon...however the night owl is still wide awake right now..and the fat cat is still outside..all in all, I needed the day off after 3 months of working straight through my was a good day.
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Learn something new every I learned I should compact my radio data files, hmm and my computer is running better with Radio app...thanks Andy

Radio Tip: every month or so from the Radio app select the Radio > Utilities > Compact Data Files... menu.

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Newbie Tips

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Swedish people have the cutest accent..I just called Sweden and the woman I talked to was like how late is it there..amazed that I was still awake..

people from the UK..gotta love their accent..its totally cute..

had some other thoughts..but gotta go do something for work...which reminds me of what my other thought actually was..I know the new guy(pres) reads this blog but then again this is my blog..for me to share my here it goes, I realize that my strange working habits don't work for everyone but when you are working with people across the world and their morning happens to be your 11pm/midnight hours for a night owl, its completely easier to stay up and call them instead of getting up really early (which honestly doesn't happen often for me) and going into the office. The office is crazy in the morning, everyone is in crisis mode, everyone needs something right then and home, where it is quiet and warm and I'm in pjs..its so much easier to work and relax and listen to music or watch tv. I got to the office today at 1:30pm because I was up til 5am working with Sweden and I really really needed to get the commissions done but no - first thing, I get bombared with financial figures and everything else..i beat the deadline for commissions and payroll by a minute...needed to rant..

back to the original thought, swedish people have the cutest accent...

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Monday, January 12, 2004

solving the mysterious problems of a mac user...I've been trying to help another user with her problem on her blog.. see the discussion thread here....I'm not a Mac user and i'm not sure what I'm seeing from her finders results..screenshot, if you are a Mac user, any suggestions welcome...

any ideas or suggestions also welcome to help fix the problem..maybe a clean reinstall would do the trick but I don't want her to lose any data and don't know how to help her backup her data files if she doesn't know what she is looking at or where to look for the data files..a step by step newbie user guide to finding your radio files on a mac would be most welcome..

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Newbie Tips

I'm tired..really tired.. I love my new job but some days and weeks are just totally overwhelming..i am so tired..i need a day off to just go do some errands, get my tired fixed before I totally go flat..just little things and a massage would be wonderful..but that has to wait til next payday...buying a new tv this week :)
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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Only 20 minutes to go and the end of a very long long frustrating, sad week..and my new year was supposed to be great..I haven't had time to blog at all this week and I miss it..millions of things running through my head but I've been so exhausted from lack of sleep that I just haven't had more than an hour to spare of which I spent eating....highlights of my week...

Broke up with the guy I've been seeing for the last 7 months...I'm not sure who broke up with whom..I think I did end it though...I've never actually said the words "its over" to a guy before..damn this hurt. I'm still sad, it still hurts and I'll miss him. I'll miss those stupid IM conversations about everyday things, I'll miss his touch, his kiss, his smile and most of all "dahlink" and my logic teacher :( (this started out my long sad week..I wanted to cry but I didn't want anyone at work to see me cry - just cried myself to sleep at night)

Auditors from hell all week at work..asked the same question over and over and over again...I thinking hoping for a different answer. Asking this question in different ways, I guess maybe thinking it would trip me up or something..hey, I'm not stoopid...the way they kept asking the same question reminds of someone reading a book and not liking the end, so they re-read the story hoping the outcome will change..drove me nuts..

Financials from hell...deadlines must be done now..period..must be a favorable outcome not a negative...must be something..but the books don't lie..or do they? Got me, its over with now..everyone is happy the new CPA I hired..we are totally alike..

Switched over payroll systems right in the middle of the week..this went extremely well..easy too and totally cool. :)

Had my period this week..I know too much information but I think it contributed to my frustrating week..I was really really bitchy all week...

Realized someone was trying to manipulate me..sorry sweetheart, might work on men but doesn't work on me, period.  And really why do we need to stand so close to me?

Phone system and voicemail system not working and a tech that I had come out that I haven't seen in forever..someone I totally like, screwed up the system..not hiring them...I haven't programmed a toshiba phone system in years..but its all coming back to me..and the voicemail system..god, who programmed that to begin I know why I've never been able to check my voicemails from home..

Email stopped then started then stopped then started....lotus notes sucks..we are going back to least I know how to work on an exchange, ibm-no.

As you all know, I bought a couch and am expecting delivery sometime next week...moved my house around last week to accomodate couch..its 40" wide and 89" long...hated the new arrangment and moved everything again today..I can live with this soon..although everytime I move this table, it dying..the legs are getting a smart person would just go buy a better table(but then again I just bought a real couch for the first time in 5 years) and why does my computer screen get messed up everytime I move it?

Stopped my birth control...why do women have to be the ones responsible for this? I actually have alot to say on this subject..a story is just back here soon..

Started the national body challenge..I swear there was this girl in line with me that did not need to lose any weight..she was there for the 3 month gym starting tomorrow I will be on a 1200 calorie diet, eating every 3 hours (ok that might start on Tuesday - I still need to shop) and tonight..oops I wanted hot chocolate before bed :)

Long post but alot has happened this week..and I've missed blogging and my blogging friends..

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

I've been feeling blah today..there is no other word to describe it. I slept alot, watched movies in between, ate my black-eyed peas for good luck today, slept some more. I think I know what's going on with me, I think it might be that christmas present that is still in the tree for the person who is too busy to see me or spend time with me. The package is being mailed tomorrow with a note...its time to let go. I want someone in my life that wants to see me, that wants to hang out with me, that wants to be part of my life. Today is the beginning of a new year and time to find what I need and want in my look for someone that truly wants to be here with me. Therefore my new year's resolutions are:

  1. Let go
  2. Lose 30 lbs....I'm joining the national body challenge on Jan 3 month guest pass to a gym :)
  3. Spend more time doing the things I love..reading, art, programming

Happy New Year 2004 everyone.....

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