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Sexy Magick

Thursday, September 30, 2004

repost - deleted trackback spam off this one and reposting again

deposit, budget, no money again, finish the addendum, should i change the price?, need to pull examples, still need to check my emails, worked on grumpy girl design a little more, the love parade almost forgot, need to check my other blog, should i put comments on my business sites? all these receipts floating on my desk -- need to clean, why are the cats so needy tonight, still need a shower, tired, need to go to bed, need to find the zen place inside me, was so scattered today, 2 jobs tomorrow, back is hurting, time to stop, its the data dump from my brain

**original comments**
Seems like a continuation of the last one, so whew again. Good luck on finding that zen place. I had one, but it's all messy now and smells bad to boot. I just took a second job myself to stem the monthly underfunding situation, uh, now that my savings has hit 1 figure, down from 5 a year ago. If you can moderate them, add comments, some kid spammed one of mune with 22 copies of some lame stuff. Speaking of comments, on this site it just says "comments [ ]" with no number, but they seem to work anyway. But the cats thing. Domestic animals are supposed to be needy - that's their purpose. Take care of yourself Julie, and good luck.
Chris 10/3/04; 9:18:09 PM

Lately I've been so scattered I can't accomplish *anything*. It's awful. I'm rooting for you to find your Zen place. I need one too. Feithy
feithy 11/5/04; 10:05:50 AM

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

usually i relax in the shower, sort through my day, figure out solutions to my problems but tonight i'm still in that state of a millions things to do, running a business is hard work, I'm not particulary organized when I go to a client and sell myself which is probably not a good thing since i'm selling the idea that i can organize your books, your office, your projects, what i seriously need is a laptop so everything is there ready to go with examples and how things work but as I am once again very broke and maxed on all credit cards, the laptop needs to wait. I feel like i don't have anytime for myself anymore and what i truly need is a massage and some downtime to organized my free writing..getting everything out and maybe i'll sleep tonight..last night i dreamed i took care of something and woke up to find out, it was only a dream, here's what going through my head..any insights, feel free to comment

money, money, will i have enough to pay the bills, addendum for malcolm, will he be ok with the rate per hour, i don't think its extremely high, should i post my rates on my site, what exactly am i doing for malcolm, need to finish an email and get the consulting agreement to 3rd client with some examples, can't find the damn examples, somewhere in my computer, my carpel tunnel is killing me, wearing the brace now at home, feels like a truck ran over my back, website design for dogzilla, dogzilla walking across the page with blurbs on the menu, need to work on the grumpy girl design..haven't forgotten about her, just busy, need to work on my shimmeringenergy designs, need to pull some jpegs of my site designs to show other I can design sites, need to print the 2nd draft of the proposal for MLA - wording change, need to proof it again, need to go to bed soon but want to talk to Ryan, Ryan leads to Jay, when they come out here I have people I know that I can now introduce to Jay, are they ever coming here, what about tony? is he straight? was he flirting with me today, is that why he forgot the meat sauce on the hotdog?, out of cigarettes, where are the geeks - i know someone knows how to hook a TV to a PC..s-video cable right?, my desk is disaster, i probably just defaulted on my student loan but really there is no money available for it yet, hopefully after the first of the year, what bill am I not paying so I can afford to buy food this week, tired of being dizzy cuz I'm not eating, i need a me day, need to finish my mom's birthday present, get pictures of those designs and get them up on my site and I thought running a business would get me more time, boy was I wrong, i just need to get organized, get things flowing smoothly..ok i can do this, this is what I'm selling I can do, just need to do it for myself

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Free Writing

Saturday, September 25, 2004

great hot dogs, interesting scrumptious combinations, the vension hotdog is delicious, hot diggity dog sheet music on the walls, all kinds of hotdog related pictures and memorabila decorate Dogzilla Cafe, breakfast is available too as well as veggie choices...located on Howard Street between Fremont and Beale Streets in San Francisco, come on by and check it out 

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I'm doing some research for a friend, she has a plasma screen TV and Comcast isn't available in her area for cable tv and she can't use a dish because she can't install it above her shop, I was thinking that maybe she could link the TV to her PC and stream internet tv somehow between the two possibly using a wireless link

I know that if you have a TV Tuner Card in your PC, you can watch TV via your computer but what I don't know is what TV Tuner Card is the best

and how do I stream TV shows from the PC to a plasma screen TV, I've read about wireless connection using a DVD Connection from the PC to the TV but not sure how it works

any thoughts or ideas would be really helpful

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Friday, September 24, 2004

been very busy lately and feel like I've been ignoring this blog..trying to get a business up and running with flyers, business cards, business plans, proposals, agreements..lots of work getting a business start..almost forgot i need to get a business license, register my business name..but at least I got the domain name and hosting in the works..

business name is Chaotic Cancellation and ShimmeringEnergy and soon you'll be able to see the results of the websites


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Sunday, September 19, 2004

well, grumpy girl design is almost done..cross my fingers :)

also two other designs finished except for pics uploading..

and maybe tomorrow I'll actually start working on my new business design - except I need to find a cheap host

and i need to work on the poetry idea from my head might be coming into the light...

but for now, so off to bed, yawn

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Newbie Themes Test Page

Friday, September 17, 2004

so on that note, my current bosses told me i should start my own business doing consulting - office organization and bookkeeping, I could charge up to 30-35/hr and be my own boss...and in theory, if I got lets say 4 customers for 10hrs a week each, I'd would do ok with everything..bills, life, and still have fun

thanks for icetippedtears, I have a cool business card design concept and a catchy logo almost...but what i really need is a good name for my company..shimmering energy works for art design company but I need a more proper business like name for a office organization/bookkeeping company...any ideas?

I could play on my name..and call it Missus a Wiggins Consulting...or ??????

oh my, i think i'm turning this into a i just need a name

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first the email, didn't get the job
second the phone call, didn't get that job either

reasons i was told, the other person was more qualified for the job, i don't have an accounting degree, always nibbles, great interviews but no bites, WTF, do I taste bad or something? I mean if you have no intention of hiring me, why spend hours and hours with me in an interview? I'm frustrated, I need to find another job asap

what finally made me happy, getting home in time to watch Survivor, being able to bring the cats treats tonight, see them all surround me, meowing, 5 little faces looking up waiting for the treat

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

People wonder why people still insists on driving, I have a theory about that, if you hit the BART stations between 4am and 7am, you'll find a parking spot. If you get to BART anytime after 7am, you're out of luck til 10am to find a parking spot. At 10am, you can park in the designated spots that are held free for after commute hours

So lets say you're a commuter like me who has to be at work between 10-11, I need to be on BART to get to the city by 9am, no parking available, so I drive which ends up being faster anyways, no commute traffic and cost a little more than BART.

off to get a parking spot at will be after 10am :)

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

ooooo...i can't wait til my shimmering energy site is ready to start uploading too..i have the design ready, the pictures are in the works..i'm excited...

thanks to everyone that helped me with the theme, I've decided that I needed a non-blog type of site for shimmering energy designs business


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hair in pigtails, I swear i need a waterproof dry erase board in the shower and a recorder, all these ideas are exploding out of my head, time alone, time to think and its easier just to log in to indecent and get it all out, radio i have to launch the app and wait for my blog to appear; shimmeringenergy, my latest project, i need to get the site up and running, beggars can't be choosers and honkeykong gave me a link to free web hosting, he's a sweetheart, like i said beggars can't be choosers and i would love to have my domain point to my actual site but right now i guess i'll have to point it to the free site as i am rolling change tomorrow to commute for the rest of the week; other thoughts roaming in my head, poetry petals, i need to finish my mom's birthday present, i get paid on the 15th and her present needs to be ready to ship on the 16th when i cash/deposit my check; poetry petals, that sounds so elegant, now to get the idea to bloom from my mind to an actual physical thing and then there is the book i'm writing, i'm not sure if i should buy the domain name on that one once i get paid, i checked several places and no one has the name yet and i'm not revealing it here yet til i've decided since it would just be another site to maintain; and the comment that de made about me being a true gemini, yep he's right, i have so many different ideas in my head, its time to make them a reality, time to actually get my company up and running by starting with the first actual product to go out, my mom's present.

other things i need to work on tonight, my site, the grumpy girl design

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

I'm constantly amazed when people tell me they thought I was about 25, I guess some days I feel my age

Today, some how we got around to discussing age..i made a comment about some paperwork i was looking at that said 1969-1974 and said wow, i was only 5 in 74...which then spurred the CPA i was working with, to laugh and say she was 12 or 13..then everyone was discussing they were my bosses, I thought both were around my age until recently but 42 is close to my age..however the CPA, I would have guessed she was in her late 50s...and come to find out they thought I was in my mid to late 20s..interesting..

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Friday, September 10, 2004

slow process but its getting there

test 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

done for tonight....

feedback you like the color scheme, fonts, etc..??

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Newbie Themes Test Page

Monday, September 06, 2004

I've been working on a new theme design for the grumpy girl, any suggestions for fonts, colors, etc..are most welcome

can you see the font, do you like the font?

does anyone know how to save a theme to an fttb without changing your own design on your main page??? I'd like to be able to put this theme once finished into an easy downloadable format for the grumpy girl in which she will only have to download the theme and start using it

ok..defintely too hot to keep playing, will be back on later tonight when it cools down somewhat, now its time for laundry and swimming


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Newbie Themes Test Page

Saturday, September 04, 2004

follow this link sign up, complete an offer and refer your friends...get a free ipod too happy.gif

offers: i did the ebay credit card one, it didn't say I had to be approved, someone else did the AOL one, cancel after the free trial period...

***update*** apparently you need to be approved on the credit card offers in order for the offer to be valid, so i did the AOL one, not that I particulary want AOL on my computer but I guess I can also uninstall it after I've used it once or twice *****

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

i met Willis Barnstone on BART..will tell you more about this soon

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