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Sunday, October 31, 2004

test, changing the desktop theme - first test, ick

2nd test, getting there - except lost my blogroll, oops, minor fix, 2 calendars and now funky blogroll problems

yeah, desktop theme is designed for the grumpy girl, I like it, now I need to design one for myself with all my stuff in it :)

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Newbie Themes Test Page

as I began to design a theme for the grumpy girl, little questions started to arise and thanks to all the people from the discussion board, here are a few answers to my questions :)

how to turn off the little orange xml icon under the blogrolls:

<%radio.macros.blogroll("", flXmlButton:false)%>

how to change the permlink tag in a category:

Open Application window, Ctrl+J, type: weblogData.categories then ===<category name===<theme===<itemPermaLinkImgTag under value, input new image tag, copy image into image folder, close windows, close and reopen Radio.

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Newbie Themes Test Page, Newbie Tips

Celebrating new life, honoring the dead, the beginning of a witch's new year, time to ground oneself, time to be

other thoughts: my dsl has been up and down all day long, my computer is moving at a snail's pace, today was one of rest and staying off the computer, tomorrow is time to work on many projects and hopefully the dsl will stay up long enough to do some work

happy halloween and don't forget daylight savings time ends today

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Newbie Themes Test Page, Wicca

Saturday, October 23, 2004

In the interest of having this blog not completely associated with my new business, I've moved my resumes over to my family related site which I'm now going to have clean up soon. I guess the word sexymagick conflicts with the idea of a business although I'm not exactly 100% convinced on that concept because sexymagick has nothing to do with sex whatsoever and if you're a geek, you're probably going to find this site via my name anyways but in the interest of keeping the ideas separate and since this is a personal blog, I've moved the resumes to another location for now, I think at some point I'm probably going to move a current resume to the new business site, so people can see my background experience as related to my new business (hell I might do that later tonight - as today seems to be a clean up the blog, websites sort of day)
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today is a hot chocolate, veg on the couch sort of day, its all cold and rainy, perfect weather for hot chocolate and banana bread..mmm, although I need to go to the store and get the ingredients for banana bread..seems I'm missing the butter and eggs part of the recipe oops, if it turns out good, I'll post the recipe

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so here I sit with a 100 degree fever, the cats are cold because I've turned off the heat. I'm burning up, I should probably turn the heat back on since it is about 40 outside, the train of thought just disappeared again, my mind is very foggy and thursday I felt icky, my pants were too big, my head was in a fog, all i wanted to do was get out of the client's office and sleep, sleep anywhere, just tired and this morning it hit me, this flu bug, hit me with a 100 degree fever, ick,

I've learned something thought, never never go clothes shopping for especially pants when one is bloated - ick, my jeans are big enough to fit another person in there with me, so those are getting returned

Good news, its official, I have a business license!!!! YEAH!!!!

off to sleep some more, need to get over this flu this weekend, get my energy back up, as next week starts a third client

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Yeah, my table of contents is working again, a few macros errors I needed to straighten out after the reinstall but thanks to Tweezerman to pointing me in the right direction..he may have left Radio but he is still a rogue radio rat god
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Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm busy, incredibly busy with this new business, I feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do, one of my clients is a CRM (customer relationship management) implementation - I sent him a questionaire last night and got all this information back - WOW, first fleeting thought is I'm in over my head, second thought, I can do this, just need to remember they don't know the system like I do, I need to re-train them in their thought process, but really is 10 hours a week enough to do that??? Its going to have to be I think..

I was almost afraid to send out advertising brochures today, I don't need anymore referrals right now, WOW, if I'd known that starting my own business was going to be this many clients all at once, I might have done it along time ago..but maybe I wasn't in the right space then, maybe this is my I'm babbling, just a little overwhelmed right now

gotta get to bed, have to have to get up early and go file my fictious business statement, then off to the doctor, office supply errands and then to client #2

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I figured out how to make die cuts for my new business cards..yeah and its reality inexpensive..there's a little machine called Sizzix
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Newbie Themes Test Page

Monday, October 11, 2004

Should I have comments on my shimmeringenergy site and/or my chaotic cancellation site?

postindex macro - is my touchfile suppose to be (i can't remember)

touchFile ( "posts.txt", "quotes" )


touchFile ( "postindex.txt", "quotes" )

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Rhye has great instructions on how to create blogrolls for Windows and Mac Users

And I forgot, I actually created a newbie tip on how to create blogrolls


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Newbie Themes Test Page, Newbie Tips

Saturday, October 09, 2004

anyone know how to make the calendar font bigger? I've tried changing the CSS code to reflect

font-size: 10px; font-family: arial;

but its not working..any ideas out there? Is it something related to the macro itself? do I need to open radio app and change it there?

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Newbie Themes Test Page

wave a magic wand and poof, all the chores are done, lets see what do I need to do today..

  • grumpy girl site design..something funky happened, see if i fixed it
  • pay the bills - done
  • shower/shave
  • check the mail
  • sort the mail
  • tigerpaw questions for client
  • radio is upstreaming again..YEA
  • work on the poetry petals
  • work on my quickbooks company setup
  • business licenses - almost forgot seriously need to take care of this tuesday morning
  • clean the house, do the dishes, vacumn, trash

I'm sure there is more but i'm still sleeping

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Newbie Themes Test Page

Friday, October 08, 2004

another test..then I've got to get to work..

missing macros - maybe I just need to run them again?

  • trackback link macro - working
  • category item macro  - complied - is it working?
  • monthly archive macro - complied - is it working
  • postindex macro - i wonder if i need to run this again?

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Thursday, October 07, 2004 I haven't been able to blog for 7 days, going into withdrawals, hopefully this clean reinstall will do the trick, I've tried everything else and now I'm republishing entire site hopefully by the time I go to bed..everything will have upstreamed including this new post, please pray for me, its annoying, unable to blog especially when I have plenty of space and I've deleted some categories during the reinstall - which keep coming back for some reason, another problem for another day, ALL I WANT IS TO BE ABLE TO BLOG AGAIN!! I really don't want to have to move to another blog type(totally do not want to have to import all my stuff to somewhere else), I really like Radio and JUST WANT IT TO WORK AGAIN!!!

So hopefully by tomorrow morning, I'll be able to blog again?? please, please, please, please, radio upstream this post

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

its the third annual blogger boobie-thon, check it out, great cause, donate or add a submission
now - if my mom freaks because of this site is called sexymagick, the third annual blogger boobie-thon isn't going to go over to well either *grin* 

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rearranged my desk for like the 5th time since i moved here, my dining room table just isn't setup to be a computer desk but now the monitor is on a right side downslope or maybe my desk is sloping down..hmmm

my mom wrote me an email to lecture me about putting a link to this blog on my shimmeringenergy business site...i know she was mad because I got an email lecture not a phone call (and yes, if you're wondering, I'm avoiding calling her back)

on the business front - chaoticcancellation, wow I have clients and its working, I'm getting more work than I thought I would up and my old company (where I got fired) needs desktop support while their IT person is on vacation and needs project management help and wants to hire me as a consultant..yeah!!! more I realized its easier to network with people that I know than complete I have work for October, November and I need to complete the brochures, get them printed and more business cards and get them in the mail to other friends, WAHOO!!!!

but i missed the love parade today because i have no money but i'm working on my business or will be soon, so it all works out, next love parade, i'm there :)  **update**heard that the love parade wasn't all that..guess I didn't miss much

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font changes, line size changes, added some jpegs and trying to make the calendar a little wider..let see if i did that right??

had a little problem with upstreaming and now back to the design..WAHOO, I think its working now!!!

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Newbie Themes Test Page

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