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Monday, January 24, 2005

New start..I got on the scale the other day and OMG, I weigh 210, time to take action, real action so I joined a gym, I was suppose to get up and go swimming this morning but oops overslept by an hour but I will get to the gym tonight, period!

I also signed up for a personal trainer because I know myself, unless I have someone to help me with the workout and what I want to lose, I won't do it.

I've been trying to lose 60lbs for the last two-three years and I am never going to do it on my own, I lose 10 lbs then gain it back but when I got on the scale the other day and saw 210, I was like HOW, WHEN, OMG and working out at home, great idea but there is always other things to do and i never get a chance to do it but if I have appts at the gym, then I'll go.

I also need to find my energy source again, I feel like I'm constantly going and going and never getting anything done, hopefully losing this extra weight and getting into a schedule will get my energy level back up

Work is hectic, I have one client that told me this morning that the timeline is becoming unmanagable and how can we get my in-basket cleared up? uhmmm..stop changing your mind, its not my inbasket that's a problem, every time he changes his mind on one item, it adds 30 mins to the migration..make a decision and the timeline will get back on track..duh..I want this project to end so badly. I have another client waiting in the wings for when I have time to work with them and I want too but can't until Mr. Change His Mind Constantly Project ends because I'm not the type of person to walk away from an unfinished project.

Back to work

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

HAPPY DANCE!!! mom finally sent me the keyboard..mmmm..very very nice, now I can play again..i have a slight learning curve..i haven't played the piano in over 10 years..Fur Elise, one of my favorites song, little tough going but I get the base of it, i might actually have to write the notes down on the sheet music but the good news is I know what keys they are on the I wonder if I can hook it up to the computer?? where is my music man?
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Friday, January 14, 2005

I think it might that time of year to turn my attention back to a few new newbie tips and maybe add one more new theme to the bunch..i was thinking jelly beans or something or maybe a metal theme...although I hate that in order to create a theme with Radio that I must overwrite my current theme and hope and pray it comes back the way it was..

oh now I remember I did have a theme I was working on..the peach split theme and the artistic theme..maybe should just cracking with those before moving on to something else...

lets see if new folder up streamed...

happy friday everyone..medicine is kicking in again, I can breathe!! wahoo

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

couple of additions, changes to template and blogroll..I finally remembered how to make a blinkie :)

oops, i really need to learn how to spell my own websites *grin*

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

whew that was fun, a nice new year surprise..a flat tire....i haven't changed a tire in forever, but its just like riding a bike, you never forget..

or since I haven't exactly left the house in a couple of might have been an end of 2004 surprise..much better way to look at it

definetly off to big O tires tomorrow and make them exchange the tire, its been going flat since I bought it, now I have proof..very very flat......anyways,


May 2005 bring you everything you want and plenty of love and sunshine to fill your days

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