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SCO Archives


SCO Archives

August 27
SCO Down, Up, Down -- What Is Wrong With This Picture?
Disappearing Comments Article Disappears
MontaVista Organizing Partners, Customers To Take a Public Stand Against SCO
Japanese Government Says Keep Using Linux -- SCO Fears "Unnecessary"

August 26
SuSE Says SCO Licensing Invoices Are Without Merit
SCO and Red Hat Stipulate to Extend Time to Answer
SCO Site Down Today Again -- But They Say it Wasn't an Attack
SCO Sending Invoices

August 25
SCO Customer Support Says Server Down for "Upgrade or Update or Something"
SCO's MIT Mathematicians Go Poof
Aberdeen's Claybrook: SCO Gambled and Lost -- Asks Linux Enterprise Users to Participate in a Survey

August 24
What Is Going On in SCOLand? Web site down

August 23
Ancient UNIX Released Under What Terms?
Dennis Ritchie Acknowledges the Code

August 22
Slashdot Translation Snips of the Interviews
MontaVista on Embedded Linux: Not to Worry
Today's Funniest Headline Customers reject SCO
An Open Letter to Microsoft: Don't Bother
August 21
SCO Still Distributing Linux From Its Web Site
All Your Code Are Belong to Us Why SCO wants to invalidate GPL
Bill Claybrook Was Right on the Money

August 20
More Threats from SCO Will start suing customers
Where Was Ms. DiDio On This Day of Days?

August 19
SCO's Math Is Off, Or Maybe It's Their EthicsThe numbers for SMP/RCU/NUMA code
Today America, Tomorrow the World! SCO Hires Blepp
The Code links to Perens analysis
They "Show" the Code Reports from SCOForum on slides
James Bond on a Mission to Sell Caldera's IA-64 plans

August 18
SCO Explains a Bit About the GP
SCO Scuttles Sense, Claiming GPL Invalidity --Eben Moglen
What SCO Really Wants
Rule 10b5-1 - Trading "on the Basis of" Material Nonpublic Information
HP VP Pulls Out of SCO Forum Keynote Speechifying

August 16
An Answer to the Indemnification FUD

August 15
Miss Otis Regrets Page on SCOForum sponsors missing; HP out of SCOForum?
Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much Was Lawsuit Planned in January?
Today's 3rd-Quarter FinancialsChange in procedure, must provide email
Is SCO Math-Challenged?Count of NUMA and RCUcode lines

August 14
OSDL Q&A by IP Attorney Lawrence Rosen: "You May Continue to Use Linux WIthout Fear"
SCO Comments on Insider Trading
SCO Says It Will Argue Copyright Preempts GPL
Is There Linux Code in SCO's UnixWare? Comparing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 with UnixWare 7.1.3, by Roberto J. Dohnert

August 13
As the Media TurnsAttorney, Thomas C. Carey on SCO
On the MS Front MS loses a patent case
I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Huff and I'll Puff Some More -- If That Doesn't Work, Then I'll Hold My Breath Sequent license "terminated"
In Other News of Interest CEO faces 30 yrs for false and misleading statements

August 12
SCO Insider Trades
No Licensing Suspension
Lee Gomes of the Wall St. Journal Restores My Faith In Journalists
SCO To Comment on Exec Stock Sales Thursday
SCO Goes Into The Oil Business, Or Vice Versa

August 11
Old SCO Also Donated Code to Linux
August 11
If We Send You an Invoice, Then Will You Pay Us?

August 10
Compaq Worked With China's Red Flag Linux in 2000 -- The Goal? To Scale to 64-bit

August 9
Sun: The Toxic Boyfriend

August 8
The Novell Letters

August 7
SCO, Meet the GPL --IBM's Legal Calvary ChargesThe Amended Answer with Counterclaims
August 7
Novell 3rd Party to SCO-IBM AIX Contract; Disputes SCO's Right to Terminate
Germany: "We Must Resist" -- Looks Like More Legal Action
"Death to Linux"? No, an IBM Countersuit Instead

August 6
The License, Should You Choose to Accept It
Transcript, Part 2, of Teleconference

August 5
An Open Letter to Darl McBride
Part One of Transcript of Today's Teleconference
SuSE Linux on IBM Hardware OK'd for Mission Critical Computers
Forget Red Hat, SCO Now Wants to Sue You
SCO Wants Us to Buy Their Binary-Only License for $699
SCO Teleconference at 2 PM Today
Helping Red Hat
Correction On Red Hat Injunctive Relief

August 4
More, More, More --How Do You Like It? SCO press release re Red Hat lawsuit
More on Red Hat Lawsuit
Red Hat Sues SCO
A Criminal Lawyer's Take on SCO: They Not Only May Lose, Sanctions Possible
It's DiDiotic Time
August 3
What's Good for the Goose...Is Good for the Gander Export issues
August 2
2 Attorneys Explain Some Details; Sun Predicts SCO Will Go After Linux Users
Sun Sings a Nasty Swan Song
Linux 101 for Business Types
August 1
IBM Will Answer SCO's Amended Complaint by Next Week

July 30
Caldera's Linux Contributions Were Official, not by Rogue Employees --also patents
July 29
Sun Is Currently Distributing the 2.4 Kernel Under the GPL
Sun Finds a New Way to be Repulsive indemnification, new Linux
July 28
ComputerWorld: The Real Story is SCO's Vultus Acquisition
Dell Steps Up to the Plate -- Ditto Canada, Japan, and a 2nd Aussie Cyberknight
July 27
Linux Will Be Hounded Over IP for the Next 4 or 5 Years
SCO Down, MS in Trouble, and . . . The White House Uses GNU/Linux -- Are Pigs Flying, or What?
July 26
The Tide Turns
July 25
Filing a Complaint with the SEC
July 24
Australian Linux Group Fights Back -- So Does the World
July 23
The Pregnant Cow Case
Tell Me This is "Just a Coincidence"
MS' new license
July 22
New Page for Copyright Information
SCO Can't Go After Statutory Damages or Atty's Fees For Newly Registered Materials, Says Copyright Office
IBM and FSF Respond
Here's the Copyright
RedHat Responds
July 21
It's About Copyright, All Right, and a Licen$e on top of the GPL
Microsoft Debunks the Pregnant Cow Argument & Explains SCO Can't License on Top of the GPL
July 20
SCO Contributed System V Code to AIX 5L
July 19
SCO Licenses Like Spam SCO trading too.
July 18
High Noon Teleconference information.
Caldera Employee Was Key Linux Kernel Contributor Hellwig
July 17
IBM's Affirmative Defenses: Take That!
July 15
Thanks for the Memories 1974 Unix license
Decoding Legalese Into English IBM's Answer Decoded
July 14
Oldies but Goodies Ancient Unix released
July 12
SCO's Impossible Dream --HP code clean, Bawa Leaving
July 11
You Don't Say?
It's Free As In Freedom, Stupid
July 10
Sun Comes Out From Behind the Clouds
Sun Is 2nd Licensee
July 9
305,274 Shares of SCO Stock to be Sold
Piercing the Corporate Veil
July 8
Cleaning Up the Corporate Kit?
Ransom Love's Linuxworld 2000 Keynote Speech: Caldera To "Add Components" to Linux Kernel To Make It Scale
July 7
Let's Play Clue Analysis of SCO damages claims; who put the code in Linux?
Something Off in SCO's Claims
HP, IBM financials compared
July 5
Patents and Copyright: Two Different Purposes
July 4
What I Would Like to Ask SCO about NSA's SELinux
Sayonara, Mr. McBride Japan trip and CELF formation and English translation of German VSI report
July 2
Could This Be the Central Control Point Critics Have Been Whining For? Morton also to OSDL
FUD/CounterFUD German research report on GPL
FUD Mud Analysts' FUD defud-ed
June 30
What Moglen Really Said
June 29
How the 10th Circuit Defines Derivative Code
Declaratory Judgments -- How to Get a Quick Answer from a Judge
June 27
"maddog" to SCO: "ID Your Code If You Don't Want It in Linux, Because We Certainly Don't Want It" -- Listen to 2003 Usenix Conference on SCO
Attorney Chander Responds to Our Questions on Discovery
June 26
Shop 'Til You Drop
Attorney: SCO's Case Dubious; Proprietary Software the Villain Here
Discovery Rules
June 25
SCO Rattles Its Nasty Saber Once Again
Here's Info on GNU/FreeBSD
LinuxTag Wins Concession from SCO Germany
Stallman on SCO: It's No Disaster
June 24
"And Now, a Word from our Sponsor"
SCO Reads the GPL and Backs Off! (Will not sue Linux distributors)
O, What a Tortuous Web We Weave (SCO Won't Sue Their Own Customers)
Linus: "I Allege that SCO is Full of It" (Sco has no IP claims on the kernel)
June 23
Raymond Disputes Trade Secrets Claim (60 people say they had read access to UNIX source code)
June 22
Oh, Is That ALL? (Stowell says Linux will still be used; it just wouldn't be free)
Trade Libel
SCO Protest and Anti-Protest
Let's Hit the Books (legal links for research)
June 21
What's a Trade Secret?
The BSDI Case -- Exhibits, Exhibits, Exhibits Until My Eyes Water
June 20
Well, He Should Know (Greg Lehey)
Why Cringley Says SCO Will Lose
On Disney and Derivative Code
June 19
Some Older Caldera Contracts Are Online
Coder Visits SCO and Sees Code (Ian Lance Taylor and Claybook on derivative code claim)
June 18
And They Call Linus Careless (UNIX makes no guarantees of code cleanness and SCO still allowing downloads)
Cringely: AT&T May Have Reserved Rights in UNIX (and who went to their party last year
Hold Your Nose and Then Read Forbes on SCO's Brilliance (how stock benefits from lawsuit)
The SCO Show: In Tonight's Episode... (Linus on SCO, John Chen CEO of Sybase says case is about big boys trying to slow down the innovative process; MozillaQuest analyzes the analysts and finds DiDio lacking; Claybrook's research on history of DYNIX/ptx at Sequent, where NUMA code was developed)
June 17
SCO's Amended Complaint Online (derivative code claims and more proof SCO may have contributed the code)
Oh, That's Why They Are Saying That (explains why terrorism and RCU claims; Linus announces leaving TransMeta for a year)
IBM: Get Me Outa Here (venue; all 9 affirmative defenses)
June 16
SCO Fails to Ask for a Preliminary Injunction; Says Terrorists Use Linux; and Yes, They Mean ALL UNIX (derivative code; DOD uses linux)
SCO's Quarterly Report -- UNIX is Mine, All Mine (report says all operating systems listed as derivative code, including Sequent; financials)
June 15
Kernel Coder Puts SCO on Notice of Copyright Infringement: Here Comes the GPL!
GPL or Copyright Law -- Pick Your Poison (actions for copyright infringement against SCO possible if GPL found invalid; Linux still available on their site)
IBM Lawyer Hired Away by Microsoft and a Second Analyst Unconvinced by SCO "Proof" (VP sells all his stock; German analyst looks at code without NDA)
New Aberdeen Report Says Code Could Be BSD UNIX (Claybrook)
June 14
GNU's Not UNIX and It's Not "Linux" Either (Moglen on SCO; FSF owns copyright on all GNU)
June 13
The Smoking Gun (Caldera White Paper, "Linux and UNIX Are Coming Together")
Microsoft's Outlook (SCO is just the beginning)
This Article Explains What Could Happen on Monday (preliminary injunction explained; SCO older press releases)
Could the Identical Code be From Contributions from SCO Employees Themselves? A Reader Names a Name (David Mohring on Jun U Nakajima)
June 12
Who's the Pirate in This Picture? ("The GNU GPL and the American Way")
"I Cannot Tell a Lie -- George Washington" (Claybrook says he has no idea if there is a problem with the code)
June 11
Now They Are Starting to Look at the GPL? (SCO says didn't release knowingly; proofs that it did)
June 10
Here Come the Judge (Judge Kimball's record)
Laugh. It's Funny (source close to SCO says SCO employees put code from Linux into Unix System V; Userfriendly; Linus asked to see code and was refused unless signs NDA)
SCO Gets Warning from Linux Companies in Poland
...Um...You Leaving? (VP sells all stock)
June 9
One GNU-Darwin Guy Thinks He Knows Which Code It Is (ids LVM and SMP; Linus on contribution cleanness)
I've Got Mail
Here's the Plan, Stan (email to SCO partners - combine Linux and UNIX and tollbooth)
June 8
SCO Uber Alles (German site; what I think the plan may be in their wildest dreams)
June 7
So That's Where He's Been (Boies in NY; declaratory judgment explained; copyright law link; transcript of SCO telephone conference)
June 6
SCO Paralegal Finds 1996 Amendment That Appears to Give SCO Some Copyrights
June 5
Psst! Want to Buy OpenLinux? It's Still Being Sold Online (places you can still buy it, including Caldera site)
So, Did Someone Steal SCO's Strawberries? (1995 Asset Purchase Agreement; German web site taken down by LinuxTag; Ballmer memo)
June 2
Hey, quick! Anybody Got a Lid for this Coffin? (Forrester says continue with Linux;Trimline)

May 31
The Party of the First Part (SCO says contract, not copyright; replay of conference call; Germany gets restraining order; Perens on SCO 10-k; analysts balking at NDA; Caldera released some older UNIX codes under open source license)
May 30
How MS Used "FUD Drip-Feed" To Make Sure Its Competition Ended up "Dead" (Caldera lawsuit against MS Statement of Facts)
May 29
And Your Little Dog Too! (SCO may sue Linus; Boies on contingency arrangement; SCO exec stock sales)
May 28
Novell Scores a Touchdown (claims copyrights)
May 27
LinuxTag Tells SCO to Put Up or Shut Up (cease and desist letter)
May 26
"By Jove, I Think I've Got It" (why SCO won't show code; MS planning UNIX-y products)
May 25
SEC Registration Statement for SCO last February
May 23
Somebody Doesn't Grok the GPL (Sontag interview; Kuhn, Open Group says they own the trademark)
May 22
SCO S'More (how copyright infringement determined)
A Mountain of Evidence (Caldera-MS court docs being shredded)
May 19
"Running Dog Linux" With its Tail Between its Legs (MS accused of financing; claims inadvertent release, but proofs not so; MS buys license; SUSe and RedHat singled out; says no proprietary code in Linux kernel)
May 18
Moglen Confirms GPL Boomerang for SCO (why not inadvertent; links to complaint; lawyer made them send letters to customers; Perens says by releasing under GPL, SCO lost proprietary rights)
May 17
SCO Falls Downstairs, Hitting Its Head on Every Stair (lawsuit announced; Stallman comments)
The Only Thing We have to Fear Is (Linus reaction; others react)

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